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Increasing Medicinal Use of Marijuana fuels Handheld Marijuana Vaporizer Market

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Published on : Jan 06, 2020

ResearchMoz has added a market research report on the global handheld marijuana vaporizer market to its expanding repository. The report, titled Handheld Marijuana Vaporizer Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2019 - 2027” covers each and every vital aspect to comprehend trends and growth opportunities in the said market over the forecast period. To ascertain this, the report analyses demand drivers, challenges, and competitive dynamics that could influence the growth curve of handheld marijuana vaporizer market in the forthcoming years. Furthermore, geographical distribution of the global handheld marijuana vaporizer market and revenue contribution of each region are key aspects of this report. 

A team of seasoned analysts prepared the report. The making of the report involved extensive primary and secondary research phase. This, was complemented with in-person interviews carried out with industry experts and opinion leaders. 

The report elucidates various factors fuelling the handheld marijuana vaporizer market. Firstly, marijuana vaporizer is considered safer than smoking for health considerations. Not only this, cannabidiol oil is considered to help quit smoking. With legalization of medical use of marijuana in several states of the U.S., concerted efforts of product manufacturers have led to development of medical use marijuana devices. Handheld marijuana vaporizer is one such device. 

Besides this, legalization of recreational use of marijuana in several states of the U.S. is adding another dimension to the demand for marijuana devices. Collectively, the overall marijuana market is gaining of which handheld marijuana vaporizer is a part.

For healthcare use, patients using medicinal marijuana are recommended to use vaporizers to reduce health risks. This is because inhaling marijuana using vaporizers minimizes intake of respiratory irritants, carcinogens, and toxins. Furthermore, handheld vaporizers are easy to use and aid faster healing of medical conditions for which they are used. This is serving to boost use of handheld marijuana vaporizers to translate into growth for handheld marijuana vaporizers market. 

The report discusses the vendor landscape of handheld marijuana vaporizer market at length. The Growth strategies including partnerships and product innovations that are focus of savvy players in the handheld marijuana vaporizer market are discussed at length in this report. Key players are collaborating or even acquiring pharmaceutical companies for easy imports of tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol concentrates for use in medicinal applications. In December 2018, acquisition of Farmacias Magistrales - a Mexican pharma company by Aurora Cannabis - a Canadian licensed cannabis producer is a case in point. The acquisition will help the latter obtain necessary licenses, facilities, and permission for import of raw tetrahydrocannabinol material and manufacture medicinal cannabis products. This, indirectly will stoke demand for various marijuana devices including handheld marijuana vaporizer. The overall marijuana products market will gain, in return.

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Product innovation for medical applications is a key growth strategy of players in the handheld marijuana vaporizer market. For example, development of medicinal marijuana vape pens is a breakthrough for continual innovations in the handheld marijuana vaporizer market. Development of cannabidiol vape pens is an example. 

Prominent companies in the handheld marijuana vaporiser market include DaVinci, PAX Labs Inc., Ghost Vapes Inc., SLANG Worldwide Inc., Vapium Inc., STORZ & BICKEL GmbH & cO. KG, Boundless Technology LLC, Apollo Vaporizers Inc, Arizer, and KandyPens Inc.

The report studies the handheld marijuana vaporizer market in terms of product type, charger type, temperature control, distribution channel, and region. Key segments of the market based on product type are convection vaporizer and conduction vaporizers. By temperature control, fixed and variable are two key segments of handheld marijuana vaporizers market discussed in this report.