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Rising Demand from Electronics Industry Fuels Global Graphene Nanocomposites Market

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Published on : Dec 11, 2019

Graphene refers to a material of two dimensions with arrangement of carbon atoms in a honeycomb type lattice. Graphene is regarded as one of the most well known nanomaterials ever invented by scientists.

Graphene is a new age material and it comes with outstanding characteristics like high surface area, significant thinness, high flexibility, and extremely good electrical and thermal conductivity. These properties support growth of the global graphene nanocomposites market.  

The global graphene nanocomposites market has been segmented on the basis of type, aplication, and region. Some of the renowned players in the global graphene nanocomposites market are Nanophase Technologies Corporation, E.I. Du Pont De Nemours, Zyvex Technologies Inc, RTP Company, Nanocor Inc., and Unidym Inc.

Constant Innovation to Enhance Properties of the Material Accentuates its Demand

The global graphene nanocomposites market has gained immense popularity from its unique properties that make it suitable for use in the electronics and semiconductor industries. Earlier this century, scientists made efforts to streamline all their efforts to produce more advanced materials like graphene nanocomposites. This newly developed material could adhere to norms of Industry standards and display compact size, high flexibility, and high strength. Given such a scenario, several developers and researchers joined hands with end use industries to fully focus on the integration of graphene nanocomposites to invent and commercialize products based out of it.

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The expansion of the global graphene nanocomposites market is fuelled by the collective attempts by the market players, governments and the academia for the commercialization of graphene on a massive scale. Augmented investment by the governments coupled with escalated research and development activities for further value addition of graphene nanocomposites support growth of the market in years to come.

Graphene enhanced material and graphene nanocomposites come with immense potential for storage of energy. As such, they find immense opportunity in this sector, which propels growth of the global graphene nanocomposites market. Energy storage devices like lithium ion batteries, storage capacitors, and solar cells make use of graphene nanocomposites due to its outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity. 
Growing population and rapid urbanization necessitate the need for more energy production and storage. In addition, graphene nanocomposites can be quite useful in the simplification of next generation technologies. Flexible screen of wearables, chips for data communication are some of the new age technologies that make use of graphene nanocomposites. As electronic devices are thinner by day, the thinness of graphene materials makes it ideal for use in the electronics industry. 

The capability of graphene nanocomposites to be incorporated into electronic devices with its unique ability to sense can be utilized in the development of internet of things (IoT) technology. In addition to the electronics industry, it is anticipated that owing to constant innovation, graphene nanocomposites could find application other strongly regulated markets like medical industry, aerospace industry. Therefore, with the expanding possibilities of its use, the global graphene nanocomposites market is estimated to grow considerably over the forecast period. 

Expansion of the Semiconductor Industry Propel Growth in Asia Pacific

In a bid to provide deeper insight and clearer understanding of the market, the global graphene nanocomposites market have been segmented into Latin America, Middle East and Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Asia Pacific region is estimated to emerge as a dominant region in the global graphene nanocomposites market over the assessment tenure. Escalated efforts to bring on new innovations have increased research and development activities, which further boost the regional market. Besides, remarkable growth in the electronics and semiconductor industry in the region, the market is poised for considerable in near future.

North America is forecasted to be another leading region owing to technological advancement and efforts to find new application for graphene nanocomposites.