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Global Gold Nanoparticles Market Shows Positive Growth with Increasing Acceptance of Gold Nanoparticles to Treat Cancer

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Published on : Jan 10, 2018

ALBANY, New York, Jan 10, 2018: The global gold nanoparticles market has been envisioned to embrace strong growth opportunities due to the growing popularity of key attributes such as the ability of gold nanoparticles to attach to definite biological molecules for treatment or diagnosis. Low toxicity and ease of preparation could be other characteristics of gold nanoparticles that could help them to garner more demand in the coming years. ResearchMoz.us has announced the inclusion of a publication bearing the title “Global Gold Nanoparticles Industry 2017, Trends and Forecast Report.” In this report, the authors have brought to light the progress of the market and future projections pertaining to three important regions, viz. Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.

The report has also shed light on the world gold nanoparticles market advancing in countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, the U.K., Germany, and the U.S. The market offers the availability of four main types of gold nanoparticles, i.e. gold-gold sulphide, gold colloid, gold-silica nanoshells, and gold nanorods nanoparticles. The market has been projected to gain growth while riding on the emergence of new technology enabling gold nanoparticles to administer drugs at targeted sites or identify tumor locations and pass through blood vessels. The scattering of colors by gold nanoparticles could help in biological imaging. Furthermore, the application of gold nanoparticles could extend to the treatment of various tumors and infections, heart disease, cancer, fungal infection, hepatitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Some of the primary factors of growth of the world gold nanoparticles market have been envisaged to be the superior optical and conduction attributes of gold nanoparticles, high demand for compact devices, South Korea, Taiwan, and China exhibiting strong growth, and rising investment in research and development activities. Owing to their better efficacy, gold nanoparticles have been extensively used in the treatment of cancer. Currently, the market has been functioning at the infancy stage. However, the future could surprise the market with some promising prospects birthing on the back of the advent of more gold nanoparticles.

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Auroshell, Aurimmune, and several other nanodrugs have been making their way through clinical trials in the recent years. Aurimmune is researched to attach itself to recombinant human tumor necrosis factor ? (rhTNF-?) and wield its antitumor activity while accumulating in the tumor. Auroshell is studied to be under advanced clinical trials for treating neck and head cancer. As noted by the analysts, the world gold nanoparticles market has been anticipated to be challenged by the biocompatibility of gold nanoparticles. However, for ensuring proper biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles, organizations such as nanoComposix have been developing ecofriendly methodologies.

The international gold nanoparticles market could depend on applications such as radiotherapy, DNA delivery, contrast agents, biomarkers, and therapeutics or drug delivery for growth. End-use industries such as biomedical, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals have been expected to offer scores of opportunities for players operating in the market. Amongst these, therapeutics or drug delivery could showcase its prominence in the near future.

Regionally, the international gold nanoparticles market has been prognosticated to appreciate the rise in the growth of North America due to the rapidly expanding medical diagnostics industry and swelling investments in research and development by a number of universities and organizations. Europe could also step into the market with a staggering growth attributed to the rising demand for gold nanoparticles.

The worldwide gold nanoparticles market could witness the presence of companies such as Nanostellar, Inc., Nanosphere, Inc., and BBI Solutions.

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