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Growth of Global Tablet Industry Challenged by Increasing use of Notebook PCs and Smartphones

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Published on : Jun 09, 2016

ALBANY, New York, June 09, 2016: The increasing use of smartphones and notebook PCs is expected to restrict the growth of the global tablet industry in the years to come. These are the key findings of a new report, titled ‘Development Trends of the Worldwide Tablet Industry, 2016 and Beyond.’ The report is featured on ResearchMoz.us.

A tablet computer, universally known as a tablet, is a mobile computer that comprises a battery, touchscreen display, and circuitry in a single device. Tablets are classified as per the appearance and the presence of keyboards. Although 2-in-1 tablets, convertible tablets, and hybrid tablets have physical keyboards, their users primarily use virtual keyboards. Currently, the worldwide tablet industry is going through a tough phase.   

After five consequent years of rapid growth, the global tablet market is expected to register its first ever downfall in the years to come. The lack of product innovation, market saturation, the introduction of alternate products, and market erosion by low-cost notebook PCs and advanced smartphones are some of the factors expected to hamper the growth of the worldwide tablet industry. As per recent reports, the shipment volume of tablets shrank in 2015 and it is expected to shrink even further during the period from 2016 and beyond. 

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Considering the competitive landscape, leading players in the worldwide tablet industry are concentrating on introducing new products with advanced features to attract more customers. With the advanced operating systems and enhanced panel size of the tablets, leading players are expected to gain back the some of their lost share in the global tablet industry in the years to come. 

Going forward, leading players in the worldwide tablet industry are expected to focus on manufacturing tablets with improved usability features, sensing technology, attractive physical features, and advanced functional components. The major focus of leading manufacturers of tablets is expected to be on improving functional components of tablets such as camera, gyroscope, microphone, sensor, touchscreen, color sensor, humidity/temperature sensor, GPS, and others. With this, the upcoming tablets are predicted to add new value to the global tablets industry. 

Also, leading companies in the global tablet industry are focusing on incorporating the 4G technology in their upcoming tablets. Leading companies such as Dell, Lenovo, and Micromax are coming up with new tablets with attractive functionalities and features. For instance, Dell recently launched its new line of tablet-laptop hybrid products, as a step to fulfill consumers’ need to buy devices featuring productivity and entertainment. Dual-SIM tablets are the new trend in the worldwide tablet industry. 

As the worldwide tablet industry is in its recovery phase, leading companies are expected to take part in mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions with the new entrants. Although the global tablet industry is currently facing a downfall, the Asia Pacific tablet market is on the verge of steady expansion with India being the major contributor. Going forward, Taiwan is expected to be another emerging market in the global tablet industry. 

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