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As Governments Around World Focus on City-wide Development, Global Smart Infrastructure Market is Expected to Gain Momentum in Response

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Published on : Nov 03, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Nov 03, 2016: The report is titled “Global Smart Infrastructure - A Smart Approach to Smart Cities in 2016” and is available for sale on the company website. Besides highlighting the factors influencing the market’s growth trajectory, the report also provides an assessment of the current vendor landscape. Strategies adopted by the companies profiled and the impact of same on the overall market are analyzed in the report in great detail. 

With governments and international agencies realizing the need to adopt a holistic approach to ensure city-wide development in the near future, the smart infrastructure market is expected to gain significant impetus in the near future. For instance, in Australia, Newcastle, Adelaide, Canberra, Lake Macquarie, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, and Sydney have been identified as the leading smart cities around the world. While obtaining finance for smart city projects could seem a little difficult, there still remains myriad options for cities to look upon within the existing budget. The report delves into this arena, by identifying and elaborating upon opportunities to capitalize on. 

Besides this, councils need to consider communication technologies such as mobile broadband apps, WiFi, Internet of Things, M2M, and smart micro-grids to achieve asset sharing and synergy within smart cities. As countries around the world increase their investment in state-of-the-art telecommunications, it is expected to create growth opportunities for the global smart infrastructure market in response.

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The development of smart cities is expected to gain impetus from the developments in block chain, which in turn is expected to be very useful for smart cities and smart grids. Furthermore, with Alphabet (Google), Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft continuing to show internet in Artificial Intelligence, the global smart infrastructure market is expected to gain momentum in the near future 

The report therefore studies in detail the various factors aiding the market’s expansion around the world. Additionally, the report also identifies the restraints that the market may have to witness in the coming years. The impact of the ongoing regulatory policies on the overall market is also studies in the report in detail. 

To study the competition prevailing in the market, the report also profiles some of the major players operating therein. The strengths and weaknesses of the companies profiled are analyzed in the report. Using popular analytical tools, the report also presents observations on the threats and opportunities that the market is expected to witness in the forthcoming years.  Interspersed with relevant tables and charts, the report thus makes for a valuable document for enterprises operating in the market. Exhaustive information included in the study is intended to help in decision-making of organizations linked with the global smart infrastructure market. 

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