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Global Satellite Market to be Driven by Rising Demand for Effective and High-speed Communication Networks

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Published on : Jul 06, 2016

ALBANY, New York, July 06, 2016: The global market for manmade satellites has been examined in a detailed market intelligence report featured recently on ResearchMoz.us. The report, titled “Global Satellite Market Report: 2016 Edition,” presents a thorough analysis of the global satellite market from a geographical as well as a regional standpoint.

Manmade satellites are of a variety of kinds and are launched into the space for undertaking a specific task or a set of tasks. Depending on the function the satellite needs to fulfill, it is designed specifically. Some of the common verities of satellites, classified according to the function they are to fulfill, are astronomy satellites, communications satellites, atmospheric satellites, navigation satellites, remote sensing satellites, space exploration satellites, and weather satellites.

Satellites are meant to be located in earth’s orbit, performing like cell towers in the sky, transmitting data over vast distances from one point to the other. They are designed to be a part of space missions that can last up to 15 years in extreme temperatures and radiations common to the vacuum of space.

Apart from the function they are supposed to fulfill, satellites also significantly differ depending on the orbit they are to be placed and frequency of operation. Owing to such vast ranging specification concerning the overall design and technology requirements associated with the different kinds of satellites, the satellite manufacturing industry is a research-intensive, high-tech, and highly specialized industry, employing highly qualified personnel.

Click here to get more info with TOC in a PDF Format: https://www.researchmoz.us/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=739570

The report states that the global satellite market is expected to expand at a significant pace over the coming years owing to the rising demand for high bandwidth communication channels and rising necessity of keeping track of climate changes. The U.S. market for satellites is currently the dominant regional market for the global satellite market owing to the presence of the largest number of satellite manufacturers and service providers.

The major trends in the global satellite market include the rising numbers of HD (high-definition) and UHD (ultra-high-definition) channels, the rapid adoption of new technologies in the satellite industry and rising orders for commercial GEO satellites. Increased penetration of broadband communication networks across the globe and increased global launch of nano satellites are also the highlights of the present day satellite market.

The major factors driving the global satellite market include the rising mobile data traffic, increased investment in space missions, rising demand for direct-to-home channels, and rising middle class households, which are leading to the increased demand for effective broadband services. However, the global satellite market is expected to be restrained to a certain extent owing to factors such as rising financial challenges for governments, launch failures, and crowding of the satellite spectrum. Some of the major vendors operating in the global satellite market are EchoStar Corporation, SES, Inmarsat PLC, and Eutelsat Communications.

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