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Soaring Popularity of Cutting-edge Smartphones Drives Demand in Global Fingerprint Sensor Market

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Published on : Dec 04, 2017

ALBANY, New York, December 04, 2017: ResearchMoz.us has added a market study, titled “Global Fingerprint Sensor Market by Application (Smartphone, Smartcard, PC & Tablet): Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021),” to its database. The report examines and forecasts the market both at the global and local level. It examines the different drivers and restraints shaping the trajectory of the market and brings to the fore the opportunities in it. It estimates its current and future size vis-à-vis revenue and the current and future competitive dynamics as well.

A fingerprint sensor is a type of electronic device that can scan and capture the digital print of a finger. The captured image is then digitally processed to generate a biometric template. The biometric template can be stored for identification. Fingerprint scanners find application as security systems of biometrics. 

Fingerprint scanners, until a while back, were limited to just companies, security forces, and forensic labs, but these days they find application in unlocking smartphones, smartcards, computers, etc. The fingerprint sensors steal a march over traditional methods of identification since they are capable of providing greater degree of security. This is because it is almost impossible to duplicate another person’s fingerprints while passwords can be hacked or stolen. All this is positively influencing the global market for fingerprint sensors. 

In the years ahead, the global market for fingerprint sensors is predicted to rise further due to the growing shipments of smartphones, resulting from the rising incomes of people worldwide, increasing urbanization, growing market for IoT, soaring monetary transactions and banking activities on mobile phones, and surging demand for smart cards. Noticeable trends in the global market for fingerprint sensors are their falling average selling price and emergence of new cutting-edge fingerprint sensing technologies. 

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Posing a challenge to the global market for fingerprint sensors is the rising popularity of iris. Iris recognition entails identifying people based on the unique patterns in the ring-shaped region circling the pupil of the eye. The iris typically has a blue, brown, greenish, or gray color, with complicated patterns that become apparent upon closer scrutiny. Since this makes use of a biological characteristics, iris recognition is considered a type of biometric verification.

Depending upon application, the global smartphone fingerprint sensor market can be divided into smart card fingerprint sensor, PC and tablet fingerprint sensor, and IoT fingerprint sensor.

Geographically, the key regions of the global fingerprint sensor market are North America and Europe. Among the two, North America accounts for maximum share in the market because of the gigantic progress in technology in the region and early adoption of new technology. Another factor serving to boost the market in North America is the increasing terrorist activities in the region. Europe too is another attractive market that is expected to clock impressive growth in the near future on account of the widespread use of smart phones, which in turn is a result of high per capita spending capacity of people in the region.

In order to study the competitive landscape in the global market for fingerprint sensor, the report leverages market-leading analytical tools such as Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT analysis. This enables it to uncover opportunities and threats players might encounter while trying to grow shares.

The report profiles the key players of the market including Fingerprint Cards AB, Synaptics Incorporated, Next Biometrics ASA, and IDEX ASA. The report sheds light on their sales and revenues, products, prospects, and market shares.

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