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Global Ceramics Market: Rapid Expansion of the Construction Industry Highly Contributes towards Market Growth

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Published on : Feb 26, 2018

ALBANY, New York, Feb 26, 2018: The market scenario portrayed in this report deals with many parameters such as key market propellers, competitive landscape, market growth obstacles, regional spread, main segments, and several others. A substantial force behind the global ceramic market’s growth involves the increasing use of ceramics in medical applications. Such applications mainly deal with making hip and knee replacements, dental implants, scaffolds attached to bones, and other high tech medical uses.  Another prominent driving factor involves the rise of investments made in the global ceramics market by key players on account of the growing infrastructure industry, as ceramics are highly used in this sector. From an overall perspective, greater focus from governments around the world to build better residential places in order to promote healthier lifestyles is a key factor for expansion of this market. As per the report published by RMoz, the global ceramics market is expected to grow at a healthy 6.91% during a forecast period of 2017 – 2021.

Based on three main criteria viz. end user, product type and region, the global ceramics market is divided in several segments. Of all these, the housing and construction segment is anticipated to exert a dominating stance on the market in the next few years. This is mainly due to extensive use of ceramics in the construction industry in processes that involve setting up floor tiles, roof tiles, wall bricks, sewer pipes, and many other components. A rising demand for better sustainability related to housing scenarios is a prime reason for this segment to perform well in the global ceramics market. On the basis of product type, the alumina ceramics segment leads the list with a top market share, which also is expected to continue in the future. The leading stance of this segment is mainly due to an extensive use of alumina in electrical applications, as it showcases several characteristics such as high electrical resistivity, resistance to corrosion, strength, wear resistance, and others.

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The regional extent of the global ceramics market includes geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Of all these regions, Asia Pacific exhibited maximum growth in this market as of recent times, and will continue to do so in future. This is mainly due to several factors such as an extensive expansion of the construction industry as well as medical applications in leading countries such as China and India situated in the Asia Pacific region. Immense heavy investments by key players in this region has also highly contributed towards the market growth. Apart from the Asia-Pacific region, North America is expected to show a rapid growth in this market too, on account of improvement in the medical applications scenario.

The competitive landscape for the global ceramics market is heavily fragmented, mainly due to numerous small and large vendors operating in an established manner in this market. Even though such fragmentation exists, a tough competition is present, especially amongst large global players such as Morgan Advanced Materials, Kyocera, Ceradyne, CeramTec, and CoorsTek. These companies have a huge regional presence along with numerous production facilities situated across the globe. Rather, according to the report published, the competition in the market is predicted to improve in the future, as the number of small vendors getting established is anticipated to rise considerably, along with improved market shares. Few other leading vendors in the global ceramics market are Saint-Gobain, and McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies.

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