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Need for Better Surveillance and Monitoring Across Several Industries Bolsters Global 3D Face Recognition Sales Market

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Published on : Mar 06, 2018

ALBANY, New York, March 06, 2018: The global market for 3D facial recognition technology has witnessed a prominent surge in demand on account of the technological revolution that has surfaced across the globe. 3D facial recognition involves the scanning of the three-dimensional geometry of the face in order to record its modality. The utility of this method is not restricted to a handful of domains and can be employed to benefit a wide range of industries. The growth of criminal activities is one of the many factors that have driven demand within the market. To combat such activities, a swift surveillance system needs to be in place. Hence, 3D facial recognition technologies come to the rescue of workplaces and other units prone to crimes and un unethical human invasions. A report by ResearchMoz titled ‘Global 3D Facial Recognition Sales Market Report 2018’ throws light on the fettle of the market in the contemporary scenario and also established a trajectory of growth for the future. The researchers of the report employed pragmatic methodologies in order to obtain apt results with regards to the market. The parameters of growth such as such market value, CAGR, and regional market share have also been included in the report. 

The threats from various criminal and terrorist activities across the globe has compelled the national governments to install effective surveillance and monitoring systems in public places. 3D facial recognition technologies come in handy to strengthen the fabric of surveillance. This is a crucial standpoint that drives demand within the market. Furthermore, a number of facial recognition service vendors have cropped up in the market who are making efforts to popularize the technology. This has also created a buzz around 3D facial recognition, thus, adding up to market growth. The advancements in the domain of app development has also accrued demand for 3D facial recognition technologies; smartphones devices are also equipped with this technology to enhance the security of user information.

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Moreover, the IT industry has been reaping mammoth benefits from this technology, which substantiates the relevance of the market. The aforementioned factors are pegged to an array of other factors that have been enunciated in the report. Furthermore, the report has also done a cross-analysis of related industries in order to gauge the success rate of the market for 3D facial recognition. 

Although the effectiveness of 3D facial recognition is undisputed, a number of sectors still employ 2D technologies. The unawareness about the pros of the former has raised concerns in the market. Moreover, 3D facial recognition technologies are relatively expensive which has discouraged certain sectors from resorting to them. However, as technological savviness becomes the crux of the world, the market is expected to keep expanding in the years to come. 

The regional analysis covered in the report includes key market indicators such as market share, growth rate, and market value for each of the regions. United States, Europe, China, India, Southeast Asia, and Japan are the key geographical segments. The report expounds the factors responsible for the growth of the market in these regions. 

It is important to understand the business strategies of the market vendors in order to get a holistic view of the market. The leading vendors are Ayonix, 3M, Crossmatch, Daon, NEC Technologies, Aware, Aurora Computer Services, Safran, Facefirst, Cognitec Systems, Animetrics, Keylemon, ZK Teco, and Nviso. 

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