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Changing Lifestyles and Food Habits of World Population to Drive Growth of Global Functional Confectionary Market

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Published on : Aug 18, 2017

Albany, New York, August 18, 2017: The report sheds light on the global functional confectionery market in the mentioned forecast period of 2016 to 2022 and provides an overview of the market. The research report analyzes the market on both the qualitative and quantitative parameters that provides comprehensive knowledge about the competitive landscape of the market. 

Rapid industrialization and urbanization coupled with changing food habits of the world population has led to the development of the global functional confectionary market. Ever growing population, increasing spending capacity, and innovative products in the market have had a positive impact on the market development. Products with better qualities such as low fat, cholesterol, and sugar content are also expected to boost the growth of functional confectionary market in the coming years. However, growing awareness about general health related issues like breathlessness, stomach disorders, and obesity that are usually caused due to unhealthy and irregular food consumption are expected challenge the development of the global functional confectionary market. Analysts anticipate that continuous R&D activities are being undertaken by manufacturers to produce confectionary products with natural ingredients which will have  a positive impact on consumer consumption pattern. Such activities have promised ample amount of opportunities in the market for established as well as upcoming players.  

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The market for functional confectionary is segmented on the basis of type of product into chewing gum, sugar confectionary, chocolate confectionary, and other products. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the different products. It assesses the production capacities, pricing of products, revenue generated by them, growth rate, and total market share. These factors form the foundation for segmenting the functional confectionary market in terms of product. 

On the basis of the end user, the global functional confectionary market is categorized into children, youth, middle age, and senior age users. The report concentrates on the current status and future outlook for the prominent end users or applications and also examines their total consumption, growth rate, and the overall market share. 

In terms of geographical segmentation, the global functional confectionary market is divided into several key regions that include North America, India, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and Europe. The report analyses these key regions in terms of their production, overall sales, revenue generated, growth rate, and market share in the aforementioned forecast period.  

The report mentions some of the prominent players in the market. It profiles the top manufacturers in the global functional confectionary market with respect to their production, revenue generate, and market contribution. Some of the top players included in the report are Kellogg Company, Sula, Mars, Nestle, Hershey, and Wm Wrigley Jr. 

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