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Dual Characteristics of Chemotherapy Drug Fosters Global Fluorouracil Market

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Published on : Apr 28, 2020

Fluorouracil has come out as an important discovery for the treatment of cancer. Application of the chemotherapy drug is not limited to a specific kind of cancer. Doctors have given green signal for its use in different types of cancers, which include- breast cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, neck cancer, head cancer, bladder cancer, thymic cancer, and neuroendocrine tumors. With the rising rate of spread of cancer, the demand for fluorouracil is also projected to be on the rise. This signifies the growth of global fluorouracil market in the coming years. Key factors contributing to the growth of global fluorouracil market are discussed in details in the newly added report of RMoz database. The report titled “Global Fluorouracil Market Insights, Forecast to 2025,” has covered important aspects that could influence the demand for fluorouracil in the coming years.

The preparation of the report involved an extensive research phase. Analysts reached out to medical practitioners and researchers from medical fraternity to understand various dimensions shaping the global fluorouracil market in the forthcoming years.

The research report has focused on drivers contributing to the growth of the market, application areas, competitive landscape, upcoming opportunities and possible restraining factors.

Composed of 113 pages, the global fluorouracil market report is presented in a chapter-wise format. The report includes an exhaustive array of graphs and pictorial representations to depict growth trends pictorially.

Mechanism Focus on Maintaining Normal Cell Division

On the basis of forms, fluorouracil is available in both intravenous as well as in topical form. This makes fluorouracil applicable for colon cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, and basal cell cancer of the skin. Apart from this, medical practitioners may prescribe the medicine for other ailments such as skin problems, too. This factor can be considered as a driving factor for the growth of global fluorouracil market.

The way of intake is primarily decided on the basis of the type of cancer. It should be taken only as per the instruction given by the doctor. No matter how similar the condition is, fluorouracil should never be self-medicated. Doing so may result in unwanted consequences.

Coming to consequences, like every anti-cancer drug, use of fluorouracil has its own set of side effects and contraindications. Side effects such as nausea, photophobia, poor appetite, mouth sores, diarrhea, and taste change have been reported by more than 30% of the patients who have used the intravenous form of fluorouracil. There have also been cases of decreased blood count, resulting in anemia, susceptibility to infection and bleeding.

Among all the patients who have used fluorouracil as chemotherapy drugs, 10-29% of patients have reported nail discoloration and loss of nails, skin reactions, hand-foot syndrome and hair thinning. Change in electrocardiogram (EKG), chest pain and increased cardiac enzyme have also been reported, but only by 10% of the patients.

The side effects may act as a restraining factor in the growth of global fluorouracil market. However, the fact remains that every chemotherapy drug has some sort of side effects. Among all the anti-cancer drugs available in the market, fluorouracil has healthy treating mechanism.

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Fluorouracil belongs to antimetabolites category of chemotherapy drugs. It is very similar to substances present within the cell. Antimetabolites are very specific to cell-cycle. Unlike other chemotherapy drugs, fluorouracil interferes with RNA and DNA by mimicking the synthesis building blocks and not by breaking the RNA and DNA. Owing to this characteristic, medical practitioners tend to prescribe this drug on large scale compared to other anti-cancer drugs. This plays as important role in the rise of global fluorouracil market.

Looking at the geographical statistics, Asia Pacific region alone account for 34% of cancer cases around the globe. Hence, the demand of the fluorouracil is more in the region. North America and Central America are also witnessing rise in the cancer cases specifically colon and prostate cancer, for which anti-cancer drug such as fluorouracil is significantly prescribed.