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Published on : Aug 31, 2015

The report points out the various macro- and micro-economic factors impacting the growth of the power market in Finland. The report compiles information about the most noteworthy current and upcoming projects in the market and analyzes the different opportunities and challenges in the market. Information on grid interconnectivity, distribution infrastructure, transmission, and power imports and exports has been provided in the report. The report gathers statistics for installed capacity, power generation, and consumption for the period from 2000 to 2014. The report further forecasts the growth of the market in the next eleven years till 2025.

Finland joined the International Energy Agency (IEA) in 1992. The country’s economy is highly industrialized and owing to the presence of energy-intensive industries and cold climate, Finland registers the highest per capita energy consumption among the countries registered with IEA. Finland is majorly dependent on imported fossil fuels and the government’s energy policy stresses on strengthening the energy security of the country. The report describes in detail about the regulatory scenario of the power market in Finland. Information about the key electricity policies, market reforms, and renewable energy policies and incentives has been mentioned in the report.

On the basis of technology, the report segments the power market in Finland into hydro, thermal, renewable, and nuclear sectors. Finland is one of the few IEA countries with plans to expand its nuclear capacity. The parliament has approved the construction of two more nuclear power plants. If the planned projects are completed on time, the country will be able to meet its low-carbon objectives. Also, the share of electricity produced by nuclear power in the country would double itself by 2025.

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The report discusses the capacity and generation in the power market in Finland and analyzes the cumulative installed capacity on the basis of fuel type. The report also traces the import and export trends in the market as well as electricity trading.

Throwing light on the competitive landscape of the power market in Finland, the report profiles some of the key players such as Fortum Corporation and Pohjolan Voima Oy. Through SWOT analysis, the report analyses the growth exhibited by the key players during the forecast horizon.

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