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Global Fingerprint Sensor Market Fuelled by Growing Use in Smartphones

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Published on : Nov 09, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Nov 09, 2016: The latest report to be included in its repertoire, titled “Global Fingerprint Sensor Market by Application (Smartphones, Smartcards, PC & Tablets) - Industry Analysis & Outlook (2016-2020),” is intended to be a complete analysis of the developments that have occurred so far in fingerprint sensor technology and its competitive landscape.

According to the report, the primary driver augmenting the global fingerprint sensor market currently is the rising number of smartphones being shipped. The growing use of smartphones has given an easier outlet for manufacturers to provide low-cost fingerprint sensors as an added security measure to protect the phones. This falls perfectly in line with the fact that advancements in material, sensor concepts, and manufacturing processes have allowed fingerprint sensors to become increasingly cheaper over time. This allows smartphone manufacturers to add fingerprint sensors to a lot of their budget models, drastically improving the demand in the global fingerprint sensor market.

Another factor promoting a growth in the use of fingerprint sensors is the rapidly growing smart cards market. The large-scale use of fingerprint sensors seems promising on paper for now and is expected to be fulfilled over the coming years. However, the use of smart cards currently is being hindered by a vast scope of security breaches, spoof-ability, and unpredictable business cycle fluctuations.

The four types of product concepts manufactured in the global fingerprint sensor market are ultrasonic, thermal, optical, and capacitive sensors. A large number of end users in the global fingerprint sensor market demand capacitive sensors as they are extremely cost-effective and more rugged for nominal functions such as in smartphones.

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The three common applications in the global fingerprint sensor market are verification, enrollment, and search. Each application segment makes use of different types of sensors based on the budget and frequency of use. In terms of the types of devices that use fingerprint sensors, the global fingerprint sensor market is segmented into smartphones, smart cards, and a bundled segment of other minor uses.

From a geographical standpoint, the report provides a special focus on the developments in the global fingerprint sensor market that have originated from North America and Europe. Both regions are leading the global market in terms of consumption rate as well as research and development efforts. The report provides a region-based segmentation of the drivers, restraints, and opportunities in the global fingerprint sensor market for all key locations. It also provides an accurate forecast of where the next big opportunities in the market may lie.

The competitive landscape offered in the report includes the four key players of the global fingerprint sensor market: IDEX ASA, NEXT Biometrics ASA, Fingerprint Cards, and Synaptics Incorporated. Each key player is described on the basis of their market influence, key financial statistics, and growth strategies.

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