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Increasing Prevalence of Zoonotic Diseases Propels Global Farm Animal Healthcare Market

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Published on : Oct 11, 2019

A new research report, titled “Global Farm Animal Healthcare Market Insights, Forecast to 2025,” has recently been added to the vast repository of ResearchMoz.us. The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the global farm animal healthcare market by assessing current trends and future prospects of this market in details.

The increasing prevalence of parasitic diseases and infections in animals has fueled the demand for proper healthcare of farm animals. Mostly, farm animals are used for human consumption. Their ill health and exposure to viruses and bacteria can cause various diseases, such as E.coli, salmonella, trichinosis, and scrapie, among consumers. The rising concerns and awareness regarding zoonotic diseases among people is reflected on the growth of the worldwide farm animal healthcare market, notes the study.

The global farm animal healthcare market experiences intense competition among players. The high demand for animal-based food products has prompted players to invest heavily in farm animal healthcare. Some of the key players in the global market are:

• Boehringer Ingelheim

• Bayer Healthcare

• Ceva Animal Health

• Merck

• Elanco

• Virbac

• Merial (Sanofi)

• Zoetis Animal Healthcare

Geographically, the worldwide farm animal healthcare market is led by North America. The high awareness level among animal owners and farmers regarding the need for proper healthcare of animals is boosting this regional market significantly. The continual increase in the demand for animal-based products has encouraged them to spend more on animal healthcare. Apart from these, the rising trend of pet humanization is another significant factor that is supporting the growth of the North America farm animal healthcare market.

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For similar trends and factors, Europe is also registering a considerable rise in its farm animal healthcare market. In this region, the U.K. has surfaced as the key contributor to this market. The increasing animal husbandry practices will continue to propel this regional market in the near future.