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Global Emergency Lights Market to Benefit from Rising Implementation in New Construction

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Published on : Nov 30, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Nov 30, 2016: The report studies the global emergency lights market and provides reliable forecasts regarding the market’s growth in the 2016-2020 forecast period. The competitive dynamics of the emergency lights market and its segmentation by various criteria are examined in the report to provide readers with a comprehensive view of the market. The report is titled ‘Global Emergency Lights Market 2016-2020’ and is available for sale on the official website of ResearchMoz.us. 

Emergency lights are a crucial requirement in public areas and are designed to enable people to leave a dangerous area in case of a power failure. Public areas such as industrial and manufacturing units, healthcare centers, commercial buildings, theaters, and educational institutes are often required to install emergency lights, while the demand for emergency lights from residential users is also rising steadily. According to the report, the global emergency lights market is expected to exhibit a solid CAGR of 7.79% from 2016 to 2020.

The rapid growth of the construction industry in the last few years has been a crucial driver for the global emergency lights market. The construction industry has benefited immensely from the steady normalization of economic conditions following the 2008-09 crisis, and is flourishing in emerging regions due to the rising disposable income of consumers in countries such as China and India. New construction in these regions often incorporates the latest standards in safety, resulting in many new commercial as well as residential construction projects in emerging countries implementing emergency lighting systems.

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In developed regions, the demand for retrofitting emergency lights has gained strength in the last few years and is likely to remain a key driver for the global emergency lights market in the coming years. The steady growth of the industrial sector in regions such as North America and Western Europe is thus likely to remain an influential driver for the global emergency lights market in the coming years. 

On the other hand, the inadequacies in the testing protocol for emergency lights are a key restraint on the global emergency lights market. Due to the very nature of their operation, emergency lights need to function perfectly whenever needed, which requires extensive testing. The lack of the same in some countries has led to doubts about the utility of emergency lights, leading to a drop in the demand for the same. However, the rising government support to measures that improve workplace safety is likely to ensure a steady rise in demand for emergency lighting systems in the coming years.

Regionally, the report looks into the performance of the emergency lights market in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. By battery type, the report segments the global emergency lights market into Ni-Cd batteries, Ni-MH batteries, and LiFePO4 batteries. Performance projections for each segment of the global emergency lights market are provided in the report. 

The report also examines the competitive landscape of the global emergency lights market by profiling leading market players such as Philips, Eaton, Emerson, Hubbell, and Schneider Electric. 

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