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Global Embedded Fingerprint Modules Market is Driven by Increased Government Funding

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Published on : Nov 12, 2019

Embedded fingerprint modules find use in storage of data like an individual’s fingerprint template at the time of registration process. This template of fingerprint is required to make a perfect match with the fingerprint scan of the individual whenever he or she attempts to obtain access to applications and devices. The growing needs to keep all data and applications safe and secured present the global embedded fingerprint modules with growth opportunities.

Furthermore, increased government spending and focus on protection and safety of data has presented substantial growth opportunities for the global embedded fingerprint modules market. In addition to that, increasing integration of fingerprint module with smartphones together with high penetration of smartphones across the globe is expected to drive the global embedded fingerprint modules market. 

Some of the well-established players of the global embedded fingerprint modules market are Jiangsu A-Kerr Bio-identification Technology, SecuGen Corporation, PRIMAX Electronics, Holtek Semiconductor, Miaxis Biometrics, Furtonic Technology, Q Technology, and 360 Biometrics.

Demand for Secured and Reliable Employee Identification Drives Growth of the Market

Riding on the back of the need for reliable and secured way of employee identification, the global embedded fingerprint modules market is projected to achieve prominence during the assessment period. Fingerprint authentication has become an important process of attendance monitoring for countless organization across the globe.

Over the past few years, biometric technologies have gained immense prominence and have been researched upon constantly to come with a more advanced version. With each of the advanced versions, the technical glitches of the previous ones were corrected, thereby ensuring better safety and reliability. The global embedded fingerprint modules also gains momentum from constant technological progress. Embedded fingerprint authentication is considered one of the most dependable and extensively utilized personal identification process.

Embedded fingerprint reader modules enable users to add data pertaining to one’s biometric authentication onto their current OEM equipment. Software programmers and developers can then make use of these fingerprint scanners together with Fingerprint SDKs to create tailor-made biometric security solutions. These solutions also come with abundant internal space for data storage. Embedded fingerprint modules usually function with fingerprint scanners that placed inside the device. For instance, inbuilt fingerprint verification that are integrated with the laptops or smartphones.   

Fingerprint modules that come with powerful algorithms of biometric recognition function smoothly with numerous technologies of fingerprint sensors for many applications. These applications comprise mobile devices’ locks, door locks, internet of technology (IoT), attendance and time terminals, and access control systems.

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On the other hand, these devices are very sensitive to various skin conditions, such as moisture, cuts or bruises and tend to malfunction under such conditions. This factor is expected to impede the growth of the global embedded fingerprint modules market in years to come.

North America Leads Due to Rapid Adoption of the Technology by Several Firms

North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific comprise the major geographies of the global embedded fingerprint modules market.

From the geographical viewpoint, North America is expected to be the most prominent regions for the global embedded fingerprint modules market during the forecast period. Such dominance is owing to the growing and rapid adoption of embedded fingerprint modules technology by many organizations in the region. In addition to that, North America is one of the most leading regions in terms of technological progress. Presence of many prominent market players in the regions is further expected to drive the embedded fingerprint modules market there.