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Popularity of Metallic Manufacturing Opens Fresh Growth Avenues for Electroplating Market

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Published on : Sep 04, 2019

Electroplating plays a crucial role in protecting electronics and other metallic devices from corrosion, surface damage, and breakage. This factor has played a vital role in the growth of the global electroplating market. Electroplating of stainless steel is a valuable process for several industries and manufacturing units. Plating of gold and silver is a trend that has lately generated tremendous value for the electroplating market. 

Gold Plating Services, a leading vendor in electroplating, has introduced a new product for plating stainless steel. The new product offers the option of dual-health bath for plating base metals. The company has spearheaded advancements in the electroplating industry for the past 27 years. For this reason, product launches by this company bode well for the growth of the overall market. 

Other prominent vendors in the global electroplating market are Atotech Deutschland GMBH, Kuntz Electroplating Inc., Interplex Holdings Pte. Ltd, Pioneer Metal Finishing Inc., Bajaj Electroplaters, and Roy Metal Finishing Inc.

Research Moz (Rmoz)’s report on the global electroplating market breaks down various forces of demand operating in the market. 

Need for Improved Aesthetics

The lustre and shine imparted to the metals through electroplating enhances the overall appearance of a product. This factor has given thrust to the popularity of electroplating in the electronics industry. Furthermore, lubricity and protection achieved by plating of metallic devices has also driven market demand. On the contrary, the growing popularity of electropolishing could act as a roadblock to market growth.

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Asia Pacific Market to Ascend on the Growth Graph
The regional segments in the global electroplating market are Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and North America. The market for electroplating in Asia Pacific is poised to gain from the growth of manufacturing operations in the region. Renowned automobile manufacturers in the US have outsourced their manufacturing segments to India and China.