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Increasing Surgeries to Surge Elastomeric Infusion Pumps Market

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Published on : Sep 10, 2019

The global elastomeric infusion pumps market is anticipated to expand at substantial rate, states the study by TMR.  

Elastomeric infusion pumps are extensively used by the medical industry to administer medication. The increasing number of surgeries is expected to contribute towards the expansion of the global elastomeric infusion pumps market. 

Clinicians Preference Acts as a Sales Booster 

The majority of clinicians prefer elastomeric infusion pumps to administer liquid analgesics. According to the studies the elastomeric infusion is safe method of infusion as compared to electronic. The study states one of the fatal case of overdose in electronic infusion method has led the clinicians to stick to elastomeric infusion pumps. 

Additionally, the elastomeric infusion is easy to use, patient friendly and light weight. And the speed of infusion is controlled by the flow restrictor in the infusion pump.

The non- availability of an alarm may act as a restrain and hinder the growth of the global elastomeric infusion pumps market. However, the U.S. Food Drug Association has rolled out safety recommendations during the usage of elastomeric infusion pumps. Therefore, the manufacturing companies should abide by the safety norms besides the healthcare professionals This could lead to the substantial growth in the global elastomeric infusion pumps market in the upcoming years.

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Wide Acceptance to Bolster Demand 

The elastomeric infusion pumps are now widely accepted by patients of all ages and clinicians. These infusion pumps are commonly used during and after surgeries to administer liquid analgesics. The recent studies state that the patient find this form of infusion better than any other existing infusion methods because it does not hamper their sleep. 

There are several companies that manufacture infusion pumps but they are manufactured in different conditions and the set up where they are being administered are totally different. Therefore, the flow rate plays an important role not just during administering but also while manufacturing.