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Rise in GDP to be Key to Egypt Baby Food Market Growth in Next Six Years

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Published on : Nov 16, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Nov 16, 2016: The 105-page report, titled “ Baby Food in Egypt,” presents a through historical account of the market’s development dating back to 2005 to give the reader a clear overview of the way the market has developed over the years.

The report states that the market for baby food in Egypt, the country with the largest population in the Middle East, is relatively small compared to the state of the market in other Middle Eastern countries. The population of the country has shown a steady rise in the past few years and has increased by 19.7% since 2005. Despite the promising rise in population, sales of baby food products in the country were affected to a notable extent owing to the social and political upheavals during the period between 2011 and 2013. Nonetheless, the consumption of baby food increased appreciably by 33.6% in 2015 as compared to the consumption over the past six years as a whole.

In terms of value, the sales of baby food in the country are nearly 143% higher in 2015 as compared to the sales in 2009. This is a staggering rise and underscore the promising pace at which the market is expanding. However, the high inflation rates in the country mean that this exponential rise equates to a significantly lower 39% growth in the market at constant prices.

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The economic situation in the market looks difficult in 2016 and will play a significant role in undermining the growth prospects of the market. From the year 2017, however, the real GDP is expected to rise by 3-4% per annum in the country, provided that no further disruptions occur. The market for baby foods in the country is forecast to witness a consistent rise over the span of the next six years, by a nearly 11% in terms of volume.

Of the key product varieties in the market, the segment of baby milks dominate, accounting for a share of over 78% in terms of value and nearly 66% in terms of volume. The segment of baby meals and other baby food, principally constituting baby drinks, held the second largest share in the market, accounting for a 17% of the overall market in terms of volume and 12% in terms of value.

Multinational companies play a dominant role in the supply of a variety of baby foods in the Egypt market, with the top three companies, namely Nestlé, hero, and Danone holding about 81% of the market in terms of value in 2015. In terms of distribution channels, the segment of supermarkets account for a nearly 46% of the overall sales in terms of volume. Despite this, the pharmacies segment remains dominant, with a 54% of market in terms of volume in 2015.

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