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Rising Number of Chronic Diseases to Drive Drug Discovery Informatics Market

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Published on : Apr 19, 2018

ALBANY, New York, April 19, 2018 : A recently published report on the global drug discovery informatics market has been added to ResearchMoz.us’ growing portfolio. Titled, “Drug Discovery Informatics Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 - 2025,” this report provides an overview of the opportunities that this market could face. The leading trends, growth drivers as well as constraints faced by the market are discussed in detail in this report. The 229-paged, all-inclusive report elucidates on the future analysis and growth avenues of the industry, including the market share and size on account of risk factors, along with updates on the drug discovery informatics market’s trends and opportunities.  

Drug discovery is a highly complicated process that requires sufficient time to create a drug for any particular disease or disorder. During the process of drug discovery, a huge amount of data is generated, which is further utilized during clinical study or during other investigation. This data is typically stored, manipulated and retrieved through the drug discovery informatics. Drug discovery informatics is a unique application or program which stores and retrieves the structured and unstructured data that is generated during the process of drug discovery. The drug discovery informatics aids in the curtailment of treatment costs as it provides precise data. This data may be utilized further by pharmaceutical, biotech companies, physicians and for research and development activities.

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Presently, the computer applications that provide discovery informatics are used by the healthcare industry, while most of the biotechnological and pharmaceutical enterprises have dedicated researchers for the purpose of drug discovery informatics. There has been a steady rise in the number of complex biological operations, frequent shifts to outsourcing the drug discovery informatics, and rising demand for project decisions from an executive management.

The surge in chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is a primary cause of concern for healthcare professionals and government organizations across the world. A number of governments around the world are taking steps to ensure that their country has the financial support to introduce modernization in pharmaceuticals, fuelling the global drug discovery informatics market.

Regionally, North America held a substantial share of the global drug discovery informatics market in 2016, on account of immense technological advancements in the sector. Asia Pacific is predicted to experience swift growth and emerge a key market in the forthcoming years. This emergence could be ascribed to the high adoption of drug discovery informatics.

Prominent names in the global drug discovery and informatics market are International Business Machines Corporation, PerkinElmer Inc., Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI), Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Charles River Laboratories International.

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