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Published on : Dec 28, 2017

ALBANY, New York, December 28, 2017: Researchmoz.us has featured a new market study, titled “Dried Soup Market: Consumption of Dehydrated Dried Soups to Remain Relatively Higher: Global Industry Analysis (2012 - 2016) & Opportunity Assessment (2017 - 2022),” to is expanding database of market intelligence. From demand drivers to growth indices to product development, the report covers every aspect that could influence the global dried soup market over the 2017-2022 forecast period. Market size and revenue projections are presented based on trends and market values in 2012-2016. Such vital evaluations presented in this publication will present insights to readers regarding current and future growth prospects of the global dried soup market.

The report on global dried soup market has been compiled after an extensive research phase. Data collection and data compilation forms the crux of primary research phase, while data scrutiny and interviews with industry experts form major part of secondary research phase. Analysts leveraged credible and proven research methodologies to ascertain growth trends and market size projections. 

The report points out factors driving the global dried soup market. Rapid urbanization and changing lifestyle are some of the key factors driving demand or dried soups. Across several parts of the world, changing family structure with rising number of nuclear family setups have led to an uptake of processed and convenience foods. Lack of time and commitments at workplace that does not leave sufficient time for fresh cooking on a regular basis have surged demand for convenience foods that can be prepared in no time.

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Economic liberalization in emerging economies that paved way for the entry of large food companies has led to the uptake of ready to serve foods such as dried soup. The popularity of global brands led domestic brands to copy ingredients and introduce these products at much lower prices. 

On the flip side, convenience foods such as dried soup that are loaded with preservatives and artificial flavors frequently come under scrutiny. This is a limiting the growth of global dried soup market. Therefore, product manufacturers are engaged in the development and introduction of dried soup that are based on organic ingredients. Emphasis on innovative and green packaging solutions are also the focus of product manufacturers to lure consumers.

The report evaluates the global dried soup market in terms of key segments under different categories. Product type, sales channel, packaging type, and region are the criteria based on which the dried soup market is assessed in this report. The key segments of the market based on product type include dehydrated dried soups and instant dried soups. In terms of packaging, pouches, cups, and boxes are the key segments that divide the global dried soup market in this report. HORECA, modern trade, convenience stores, online stores, and others are the various segments of the market based on sales channel.

In terms of geography, the report segments the global dried soup market into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific except Japan, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Japan. Each of the regions is assessed for market size and revenue contribution factoring in population density and economic indices. 

Key names in the global dried soup market include Campbell Soup Co., The Kraft Heinz Company, Associated British Foods, Nissin Foods Holdings Co. Ltd, Baxter’s Food Group, General Mills Inc., Nestle S.A., B&G Foods Inc., Greencore Group Plc., and Unilever Plc.

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