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Efforts to boost Warfare Capabilities Stimulates Global Directed Energy and Military Lasers Market

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Published on : Apr 09, 2019

ALBANY, New York, April 9, 2019 - The global directed energy and military lasers market is poised for an impressive growth in the near future. Worldwide, rising threat of terrorism and cross-border infiltration has necessitated governments to adopt hi-tech weaponry for defense and civilian security.

Leaping from conventional weaponry, directed energy weapons offer a number of operational advantages. This includes incredible speed and range, improved accuracy, light-weight, and limited collateral damage. Due to these attributes, directed energy is capable of combating a number of evolving threats. For these reasons, directed energy weapons that was once considered futuristic have been tested and proven in laboratories. 

Military Lasers long desire of U.S. Air Force

In a bid to augment warfare capabilities, Air Force of the U.S. is on the course to test its maiden laser weapons by 2021. Military lasers are fastened to fighter jets, cargo planes, or even drones to attack the target both on ground and air. The attack carried out at a speed that matches to that of light, this leaves no room for enemy forces to dodge. 

The U.S. Air Force has long been interested to make laser weaponry a reality. In theory, lasers are ideal weapons to combat aircraft. At the war front, in reality, the number of shots is limited only by the weapon’s power supply. Lasers shots are relatively inexpensive as compared to expensive missiles and other precision-guided weaponry. Lastly, lasers travel at the speed of light, which makes them impossible to evade. 

Apart from defense, directed energy has other applications too. This includes fusion energy, medical sector, cutting and wielding, communications, and industrial research. Gas laser, chemical laser, fiber laser, and excimer laser are key types of lasers that are used depending on the application. 

Due to requirements of high level of technological expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure for the production of directed energy and military lasers, their production is currently limited to developed countries of the world. Nevertheless, the demand for directed energy and military lasers is witnessed from several countries that are in the mode to enhance their defense capabilities. This provides stimulus to the global directed energy and military lasers market.

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Catastrophic Consequences of missed Targets Limits Adoption

However, on the downside, extremely high cost and high technological expertise required to develop military lasers are limiting their adoption. In particular, compact weapons with sufficient power to damage or destroy enemy objects are difficult to build. This is restraining the growth of directed energy and military lasers market to some extent. 

Nevertheless, evolution of technology that incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) is likely to provide a stimulus to the military lasers market. With such capabilities, laser weapons will become de facto tools for aircraft, which includes cargo aircraft, aerial refueling tankers, and bombers, experts speculate. Such high-value applications of military lasers are likely to provide immense opportunities to the global military lasers market.