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Australia Digital Media, Apps, and Services Market Driven by Increasing Utilization of Mobile Advertising

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Published on : Jun 28, 2016

ALBANY, New York, June 28, 2016: ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a new report to its extensive market intelligence database. The report examines the global digital media market, particularly focusing on digital media apps and services, and presents forecasts regarding the market’s development in the coming years. The report is titled ‘Australia - Digital Media - Apps and Services’ and is available for sale on the official website of ResearchMoz.us.

The report takes a close look at the impact of the entry of digital media on various aspects the media industry in Australia. The conventional model of print media has traditionally dominated the global media sector, but the advent of digital media has changed the dynamics of the media sector. The rapid adoption of the Internet in the developed world meant the media sector was now truly international and unconstrained by the regional dynamics. The steady growth in the use of broadband Internet and Internet-enabled devices in developing regions such as Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Latin America has further increased the scope of the global media sector.

The report opens with an overview of the changes caused by the increasing use of digital media. A brief report of how major companies in the media sector have adapted to the onset of the digital age is provided in the report in order to provide actionable insights into how the market’s landscape is expected to shape up in the coming years. The importance of branding, major mergers and acquisitions in the global digital media market, and copyright issues in today’s connected age are some of the major issues profiled in the trend analysis of the global media sector presented in the report.

Click here to get more info with TOC in a PDF Format: https://www.researchmoz.us/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=289010

Mobile advertising is elaborated upon in detail in the report as a crucial part of the Australia digital media, apps, and services market. This is due to the increasing importance of digital marketing through smartphones, as smartphones become an essential utility for modern consumers. App-based advertising and geo-marketing, or location-based advertising, are the two major aspects of mobile advertising studied in the report. Among other digital marketing channels in the Australia market, detailed information regarding in-game advertising, search engine advertising, online video advertising, and social network advertising is given in the report. Major trends in the social network scenario in Australia are also given in the report.

Figures illustrating the performance of video streaming, online and mobile dating, online and mobile gaming and gambling, photo-messaging, and music services in context of their importance to the advertising industry in Australia are also provided in the report. The growth of advertising as a major revenue source for app and online program developers has also been discussed in the study.

The global smartphone market is further studied in order to examine its probable trajectory in the coming years, since it is closely connected to the growth of the digital media, apps, and services market in Australia. The increasing importance of smartphone hardware as a utility platform is discussed in the report. Historical figures regarding the Australia smartphone market are also given in the report.

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