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Global Diabetic Socks Market to Grow with Increased Subsidies for Diabetes Treatment

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Published on : Nov 21, 2019

The global diabetic socks market is expected to clock in massive revenues in the years to follow. The enormous size of the healthcare industry has helped medical experts to conduct extensive research on type-2 diabetes. Lifestyles changes, including dietary patterns and proper exercise, are claimed to be major determinants of diabetic health. However, medical experts also suggest a range of precautionary measures to prevent blood sugar levels from spiking up. Hence, the global diabetic socks market is projected to attract increased demand in the years to follow.

Diabetic patients have to maintain a regular life balance, while staying true to their medical commitments. The popularity of diabetic socks is an outgrowth of the seriousness shown by diabetics in managing their disease. Furthermore, the adverse effects of fluctuating blood sugar levels have convinced diabetic patients to use diabetic socks through the day. It is expected that the vendors operating in the global diabetic socks market would capitalise on the increasing incidence of diabetes in children and aging women. Moreover, diabetic socks are commonly used by pregnant women or diabetics who commute on foot. 

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Compression socks, available on Amazon, are quite popular amongst diabetics. Laite Hebe Compression Socks are extensively used by diabetics, and this could be a major concern for vendors operating in the diabetic socks market. Wigman, an established retailer in various types of socks, recently opened a store in Sheboygan. The company manufactures comfortable socks for diabetics, and has earned a good rapport across the market.

A report added by ResearchMoz on the global diabetic socks market gives insights on the leading drivers of demand within the market. The report looks into the opportunities floating in various regional markets for diabetic socks. 

Skin Sensitivities as a Determinant of Market Growth

The use of diabetic socks is not imperative for all the people suffering from diabetes. However, diabetics with highly-sensitive skins are prone to develop skin redness, fungus, and blisters. Hence, medical practitioners recommend these people to use diabetic socks throughout the day. Furthermore, people in cold or moist regions necessary use diabetic socks to keep their feet warm and dry. Hence, the large consumer base within the global diabetic socks market shall play to the advantage of the market vendors.

Rising Incidence of Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant women diagnosed with gestational diabetes are recommended the use of diabetic socks. Although gestational diabetes can be controlled post-pregnancy, the need to manage it during the time of pregnancy is integral. This factor, coupled with the increasing focus on female health, shall bring in voluminous revenues into the global market. With rising incidence of diabetes, governments across several regions are developing schemes to subsidize diabetes treatment. This trend shall make it easier for the masses to afford diabetic socks. Market vendors produce diabetic socks with varying quality and levels of comfort. This ensures that all end-users are covered in the affordability slab.

North America to Witness Sales Ramp-Up

Based on geography, the global diabetic socks market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. Owing to the sophisticated nature of clinical procedures and healthcare advise in the US, use of diabetic socks has become a norm in the region. Moreover, medical reimbursements have helped people to buy diabetic socks without much financial strain. Therefore, the North America diabetic socks market is projected to expand at a stellar pace in the years to follow.