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Cylinder Valves Market Evolution Underpinned by Applications in Process Industries

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Published on : Jan 10, 2020

ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Global Cylinder Valves Market Insights, Forecast to 2025”. The research offers insights into key drivers and restraints, impacting factors, competitive landscape, and promising avenues in various regions. It takes a closer look at the factors influencing the demand dynamic of valve technology in industrial, automotive, and residential use. The study also highlights emerging technological landscape and uptake patterns in major regions such as North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific.

The use of cylinder valves or valves has become versatile in process industries and in applications that need fluid control mechanism. Growing industrial demand for cylinder valve technology is a key factor underpinning the attractiveness of the market. Continuous technological advances, design improvements, and materials innovations have been instrumental in keeping the attractive quotient of the market high. Strides made by process industries that utilize valves is a key driver for the expansion of the cylinder valves market. Further, the construction industry over the past few years have seen considerable revenue potential in the cylinder valves market. Rising application of valves in utility construction has also bolstered the market. Replacement of old valves has also boosted the market.

Another industry that might contribute sizably to the revenues of the global cylinder valves market are the food and beverages industry. This is attributed to the substantial uptake in processes where valves are essential to contain cross-contamination due to the mixing of fluids. Further, the oil and gas industry is witnessing substantial uptake of cylinder valves. The use of valves in pipelines and oil extraction and processing equipment in the industry in several countries of the world is also propelling the strides of the market. Constantly growing generation of energy from the oil and gas industry and rising refinery activities in a few developing economies are also favoring the evolution of the market. Moreover, stringent implementation of safety regulations in the industry have helped strengthen the prospects of the cylinder valves market.  

The market has seen the vast uptake of valve technology in LPG cylinders. More such high-pressure applications of valves will spur growth of the cylinder valves market. The growing demand for valves in HVAC applications is also fueling prospects. Key types of products used the cylinder valves comprise safety valves, self-closing valves, forklift valves, refrigerant valves, and quick-on valves. 

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Growing process manufacturing in numerous developed and developing countries is also fueling the expansion of the cylinder valves market. Automation in valve technology is opening doors to new avenues for end-use industries. The adoption of smart valves for instance has opened new avenues in the market. Strides being made by industrial internet of things are opening new avenues in the market. 

Prominent players in developed markets such as in the U.S. in recent times have been expending resources toward offshore manufacturing to developing economies. The low labor cost is one of the compelling propositions underlying the strategic move. Valve engineering manufacturers have entered into partnerships to bring innovation in the valve technology. Advent of 3D metal printing has opened a promising avenues in the market. The additive manufacturing technology has been leveraged to open make tools and components of complex design. However, the technology is still to attain commercial scale proportions.

Some of the prominent players operating in the cylinder valves market are Kosan Creations, Cavagna Group S.p.A, Bhiwadi Cylinders Pvt. Ltd., Repkon Production Technology, GCE Group, Batra Associates Ltd., and Mauria Udyog Ltd.