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Cyber Security Technology Market to Witness High Adoption Rate Followed by Growing Digital Vulnerability

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Published on : Mar 16, 2021

Albany, New York, March 16, 2021: Lately, small and large enterprises are extensively relying on digital information. Implementation of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and IoT has empowered various industries such as information technology, automotive sectors, retail, banking, and defense among others. Application of such technologies enable these industries with automation, ease of working, information exchange, and similar facilities in recent years. 

On contrary, these technologies have also paved route for cyber-attacks such as data vulnerability, malware, and similar exploits. These emerging digital landscape has witnessed rise in the number of cybercrime activities in this global digital period.

Cyber security technology and defense against online threats have a pivotal prospect in digital threat landscape. Due to growing number of threats, digital vulnerability, risk, and cybercrimes, the organizations are implementing cyber security technology widely. As a result, cyber security technology market has been observing high demand rate followed by implementation of digital technology.

The newly added report “Global Cyber Security Technology Market Size, Status and Forecast 2020-2026” in RMoz repository provides insights about various factors contributing to growth of the market. It also presents information about several challenges and restraining factors that may limit the growth of the global cyber security technology market during the forecast period.

The report consists of 90 pages, each page depicting different aspects of the market growth. In addition, the analysts have used graphs and statistics to present the information in pictorial form. 

The market analysts have done in-depth research to provide details of the drivers and trends shaping the market. They have also visited several enterprises, stakeholders, and other key operators of the global cyber security technology market to get an idea of possible growth rate in coming years.

Implementation of Cyber-Security Technology Provide Protection Against Unforeseen Cyber Threats

An online attack can cause significant loss, in terms of finance and competition, to an enterprise. As a consequence, an enterprise can lose its reputation among its customers and brand value in the market. In hour of data breach and data theft, it is important for an organization to implement cyber-security technology. 
Cyber-security technology mitigates the risk of cybercrime activities, which can potentially damage the business.

In recent years, North America market held prominent share in the global cyber security technology market. The regional market is projected to grow at a significant rate in coming years too. Prominence of the region is attributed to presence of key players in the region. These players tend to provide advanced service solution to all the industries operating in the region. 

In addition, growing awareness regarding cyber security among small and medium level enterprises is expected to boost adoption rate of cyber security solutions in forthcoming years.

Detection, Prevention, and Reaction Primary Tenets of Cyber Security Technology

The global cyber security technology market is highly fragmented and competitive in nature due to presence of several players and new entrants. These players are focusing to capitalize as much as possible on rising cases of cyber security threats. The security providers are trying to provide sophisticated services in order to mitigate risk of unforeseen attacks. 

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Prominent players are trying to strengthen their foothold in the market by providing safety on three core tenets primarily. The tenets are detection, prevention, and reaction. For example, Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) has implemented existing threat-protection infrastructure. The infrastructure aids to provide an effective data-protection solution.

Some of the pioneers in the global market are Trend Micro, Cisco Systems Inc., Fortinet Inc., Symantec Corporation, and Checkpoint Software Technologies Ltd.
For example, Symantec Corporation is providing a unified security analytics platform. It facilitates powers Symantec, big data analytics, and third-party security applications. Also, it offers visibility into real-time global threats.