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Global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Market to be Driven by Rising Popularity of Cloud Delivery Model

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Published on : Sep 21, 2016

ALBANY, New York, September 21, 2016: The global market for customer relationship management (CRM) software is examined in a detailed market intelligence report added recently to the vast portfolio of ResearchMoz.us. The report, titled “Global CRM Software Industry 2016, Trends and Forecast Report,” gives an insightful account of the present state of the market and presents a reliable forecast for the way the market will develop over the course of the next few years.

The realization among companies regarding the importance of managing long-term relationships with customers for sustainable growth is the key factor driving the global customer relationship management market. In the past few years, a significant rise in enterprise software spending has been seen and software for processes such as customer relationship management are gaining an increased amount of focus worldwide. Rising involvement of software developers in cloud services and increased popularity of cloud as a delivery model have also had a huge impact on the overall development of the global CRM market in the past few years.

The report gives a thorough overview of these and other key drivers, trends, and challenges of the market. The report analyzes the way these factors will impact the future growth of the market. A detailed account of aspects such as key product and technology segments, application areas, and regional market is included.

A detailed account of the regulatory scenario governing the global CRM market is also included in the report, wherein the key rules, regulations, plans, and policies across key regional markets and their influence on the market are analyzed. The key regional markets for the global CRM market examined in the report include Asia, North America, and Europe.

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Developed regions such as North America and Europe are presently at the top of the worldwide spending for customer relationship management software. These regions are expected to maintain their dominant positions in the next few years as well but will lose to emerging markets such as Asia in terms of growth pace. Rising numbers of small- and medium-sized enterprises and a flourishing IT industry in the region will lead to significant growth opportunities for the global CRM market in the next few years.

The competitive landscape of the global CRM market is analyzed at great depths in the report, along with a detailed overview of the business profiles of some of the key vendors in the market, details regarding market entry, and investment feasibility of project. An overview of the major strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for the key vendors are also included in the report with the help of SWOT analysis. The report also gives a thorough account of the key strategies adopted by notable vendors in the market in the past few years.

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