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Global Coronary Stent Market to be driven by Growing Demand for Drug Eluting Stents

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Published on : May 04, 2016

ALBANY, New York, May 04, 2016: The report, titled “Global Coronary Stent Market Report: 2016 Edition,” describes interventional cardiology and projects the growth of the market in the near future. The report studies the global coronary stent market on the basis of types of stent and regions. It further discusses the competitive landscape of the market.

Coronary Stent refers to a small, elastic, mesh-like tube made up of cobalt alloy or stainless steel that supports arteries from constricting and reinstates blood flow. Stents are attached to small balloons that open inside the arteries. Compared to coronary artery bypass heart surgery, stenting is relatively more comfortable for patients as it does not involve any major incision and is performed under local anesthesia. 

The most common treatment options for patients suffering from coronary heart disease are balloon angioplasty, pharmaceuticals, coronary heart bypass grafting, and stenting. Coronary stents are of two major types: bare metal stent and drug eluting stent. Drug eluting stents are coated with medication and are the most commonly used stents. New types of stents such as bioresorbable stents and drug-filled stents are under research. In severe cases of atherosclerosis where medium and large arteries get hardened and start narrowing due to their insides being filled with plaque, stents prevent the arteries from constricting. 

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The report points out the key factors impacting the growth of the global coronary stent market. Rise in geriatric population and growing prevalence of obesity and diabetes have led to the increasing number of patients suffering from coronary heart diseases. Improvements in healthcare infrastructure have also augmented the growth of the global coronary stent market. 

However, pricing pressure, regulatory issues, and complications associated with implantation of stents are expected to hamper the growth of the market in the coming years. In 2010, the stent market was negatively affected by risks of thrombosis due to stenting. Stent deformity issues have led to a rising number of instances of product recalls. Introduction of next generation stents and continuous research and development activities will open new opportunities for the market.

The report studies the global coronary stent market across the U.S., India, and Rest of the World. As drug eluting stents are mostly used, the report analyzes the growth of the drug eluting stents segment across the key regions. 

Describing the competitive hierarchy, the report profiles some of the key players in the global coronary stent market such as Abbott Laboratories, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, and Medtronic Inc. The report further provides information about financial overview, business overview, and business strategies of the key players. 

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