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Global Corn Steep Liquor Market to Grow with Rising Demand for Dairy Feed

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Published on : Apr 10, 2020

The global corn steep liquor market is growing at a sturdy pace in recent times. The relevance of corn steep liquor in chemical testing and experimentation has emerged as a prominent driver of demand within the market. The historic significance of corn steep liquor, that was used in the penicillin-based experiment conducted by an American scientist. The effectiveness of corn steep liquor in culturing of penicillin has played a vital role in market growth. Besides, advancements in chemical engineering have garnered the attention of the masses in recent times. The growth of this market can be pegged to advancements in chemical testing and experimentation.

Research Moz added a report to its repository, and it sheds value on the prominent factors responsible for market growth and maturity. This review is based on ResearchMoz’s report, and aims to summarise the key highlights of the report.

Need for Enzymes for Microbial Procedures

Production of antibiotics and enzymes is an important process for a variety of chemical tests and procedures. Microorganisms require these enzymes for performing the desired action in agriculture, chemical analysis, and industrial research. For this reason, the cumulative demand for steep corn liquor is projected to touch new heights in the years to follow. There is no doubt about the stellar pace of progress across the field of animal husbandry and breeding. Feed produced from steep corn liquor is a rich source of nutrients and proteins in animals. Therefore, the veterinary industry makes concerted efforts to provide food rich in steep corn liquor. Medical professionals also concur with the need for administering high-protein foods in animals.

Growing Importance of Fishing and Dairy Farm Animals

Dairy cattle is an important asset for a multitude of agriculturalists and industries. Furthermore, swine farming and breeding has also emerged as a source of livelihood for several agriculturists. Therefore, the total volume of revenues within the global corn steep liquor market is slated to multiply. Manufacturing of animal feed undergoes an extensive process of research and analysis. For this reason, corn steep liquor is widely used and procured for production across the feed sector.

Fishing has become a commercial sport in several regions, and is a leisure activity for allied classes of people. Moreover, the growing demand for edible fish in the food industry has garnered the attention of food manufacturers in recent times. Owing to the factors mentioned above, manufacturing of fish baits has gathered momentum over the past few years. Use of corn steep liquor for manufacturing these baits has given a thrust to market growth. The global market has a plethora of opportunities that can be capitalised upon by new and established vendors.

Key Properties of Steep Liquor to Drive Sales

The binding properties of corn steep liquor has played a major role in driving sales across the market. The increasing volume of revenues in the market can be attributed to the use of glues and adhesives in a multitude of industries. Corn steep liquor is used as a glue agent due to its distinct properties. Corn steep liquor is normally stored in large drums for transportation. However, sellers also customise its packaging according to the requirements of the customer. The maturity of the market vendors would play a crucial role in widening their profit margins in the years to follow. Biological detoxification of microbial mycotoxins is a recently-discovered application of corn steep liquor. This factor has generated ripples across the competitive landscape of the market.

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The leading vendors in the global corn steep liquor market are Sanstar, Tereos Starch & Sweeteners, and Ingredion Incorporated. These vendors are focusing on popularizing their offerings in order to attract increased demand.