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Content Marketing - Global Market to Exhibit a CAGR of 16.12% during 2017-2021

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Published on : Dec 12, 2017

ALBANY, New York, December 12, 2017: The global content marketing market has been evaluated in detail in a market research report by ResearchMoz.us, containing the title “Global Content Marketing Market 2017-2021” The 83-page report comes with a comprehensive overview of the market along with an in depth study of the various categories of the market. An analysis of all the segments of the report has been done in a comprehensive and an elaborate manner so as to offer a deep and detailed insight pertaining to the content marketing market.

The report comes with a details of the competitive scenario and trends of the world content marketing market. The same section also contains expansions, mergers and acquisitions, market shares of the top-notch companies, and the rate of market concentration. Analysis of the competition that is prevalent in this market has also been done as per various elements that are being considered significant on the part of the manufacturers, viz. revenue, average price, sales area, market shares, production, product type, and manufacturing base distribution. 

Content marketing is the future of the marketing. It is anticipated that moving forward most of the marketing strategies that would available would be either in content marketing form or through social media marketing. 

According to this report, the global content marketing market is prophesized to obtain a fair share of the market in value by 2021 exhibiting a high CAGR during the forecast period that extends from 2017 to 2021. Much of the growth is attributed to various factors such as exponential penetration of internet across the globe, increasing use of smartphones, increasing presence of people on social media, and may others.

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Furthermore, many organizations use content marketing not only as platform to advertise their products but also to build relationships with their customers, thereby pushing for brand loyalty. A well-researched content renders a business its trustworthiness and makes it look authoritative. It is also an economic method of promoting business. 

However, content marketing calls for very high level of creativity and good content. Furthermore, challenges like resources and time constraint for creating high quality videos, maintaining consistency in content operations, limited budget, strategic alignments, lack of customer-oriented mindset, and so on.

Nevertheless, the opportunity of the market lies in the increasing popularity of internet, growth in the smartphone industry. Content marketing is expected to find opportunity in email marketing. In a bid to promote content marketing, Facebook has introduced Facebook Live which provides vast opportunities for the brands to promote their products utilizing this platform. Facebook Live offers opportunity for the brands to connect with their audience live.

North America accounted for majority of the share of the market for content marketing. The region is home to some of the top companies that are operating in the market for of content marketing and is anticipated to retain its position over the forecast period. The region has been exhibiting a strong demand owing to the quick and very high adoption of latest technological developments. Asia Pacific and Latin America are also anticipated to be a promising market for the content marketing owing to high penetration of internet and smartphones in the region.

Some of the prominent players that are operating in the market and have been assessed in the report are NewsCred, Marketo, Scripted, and HubSpot. Each of the companies that have been profiled in the report has been carefully assessed on the basis of many factors such as capacity, price, market share, production, and revenue. The section has also provided a very basic analysis of all of these companies, including their specifications, products, rivals, and applications.

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