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Published on : Jun 28, 2016

ALBANY, New York, June 28, 2016: The global market for connected healthcare is the focus of analysis of a recent market research report added to the comprehensive collection of ResearchMoz.us. The report is titled “Connected Healthcare: The gaps between promise and reality.”

The report presents an overview of the way connected healthcare solutions are delivering value to patients and caregivers in present times. It also presents insights into the potential way in which connected healthcare solutions will impact the healthcare industry is future years. The specificities of the healthcare industry in regard to the sensitivity of patient data and the several regulations governing all aspects of the industry, from approval of treatment methods and drugs to the treatment of patients have been considered in the report.

A detailed overview of the major strategies and initiatives undertaken by the most prominent vendors across various specialty segments in the global connected healthcare industry has also been included in the report. The present state of companies operating across all major categories in the connected healthcare market has also been evaluated in the report, giving readers an overview of the competitive landscape of the market.

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The report examines the gaps between the several potential benefits of the connected healthcare market and the factors that will promote increased adoption and deployment of connected healthcare solutions in the global market. The major challenges for the market in achieving its potential growth, including the factors of data security and privacy, and the best business models for the connected healthcare market are analyzed.

Connected healthcare refers to the next-generation specialty sector of the healthcare industry, which utilizes a myriad of advanced digital technologies for health management and care delivery. The market covers modalities such as remote monitoring and care, telemedicine, and mobile health.

Medical and health related data gathered from a variety of connected digital sources is at the heart of the connected healthcare market. For aggregating this data, caregivers, patients, and other concerned parties within the healthcare system are directly connected to care delivery platform via some kind of data generation or relaying device and a data communication network. This assures that right information is delivered to at the right time to the right hands.

The connected healthcare focuses on the optimization of the healthcare resources, with a view of cutting down expenditure for healthcare organizations, providing efficient and flexible healthcare services to patients, and enhancing the care outcome and health conditions for patients. The report places major emphasis on connected medical devices and wellness wearable devices that are shifting to the healthcare domain. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the prevailing competitive landscape by analyzing the recent product and technological advancements achieved by major vendors in the market. A blueprint of the product portfolio of key vendors is also given in the report.

Major companies in the global connected healthcare market profiled in the report are Royal Philips, American Well, Medtronic, Withings, Google, Apple, Vodafone, Telcos, and AT&T.

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