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Growing Geriatric Population and Healthcare Reforms in Cloud Computing in Healthcare Market to Boost Market Growth

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Published on : Jan 22, 2019

ALBANY, New York, Jan 22, 2019 - A new report by ResearchMoz.us, titled, “Global Market Study on Cloud Computing in Healthcare Market: Global Industry Analysis and opportunity Assessment 2018-2026,” offerings by going through various key factoring in the drivers and restraints. The research report also provides brief analysis of the major segment and several parameters which segments and also examine which segments holds out maximum share. It also glance at the major opportunities and competitive dynamics of this market. 

The revenue generated by the global cloud computing in healthcare is expected to touch valuation of US$ 4,216.5 million by 2014. The global market is expected to touch worth of US$ 12,653.4 million by the end of forecast period from 2018-2026.The global cloud computing market is likely to expand at 20.1% CAGR during the course of forecast period. 

The global cloud computing in healthcare market is boosted by various factors derived from using cloud computing in the healthcare activities. The growing document and data processing in the healthcare facilities is stimulating growth of this market in the coming years. In addition, the global cloud computing in healthcare helps in upgrading the data and documents of the particular patients. It also provides crucial historical information about the patients and their medications to the healthcare pharmaceuticals and healthcare professionals. 

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The increasing adoption of wearable device, IoT in healthcare and adoption of big data are some of the major factors fueling demand for the global cloud computing in healthcare market. In addition to this, stringent regulation and implementation of various reforms such as affordable care act and patient protection are another factors majorly driving growth of this market in the near future. Furthermore, increasing elderly populations and increasing incidence of chronic disease are other important factor promoting growth of this market in the near future.  

On the other hand, handling the data and information about the patients to the third party is likely to draw anxiety among the patients. As it is very risky driven and the world has witnessed jinx of cloud computing. As per recent report, the data and information of the public figure has gotten leaked and this may hamper the overall growth of the global computing in healthcare market. Inefficient disaster backup and error limitations are another factor negatively impacting growth of this market.  However, the major advantage of cloud computing healthcare ecosystem includes enhanced flexibility, cost saving, and system scalability. These are some of the factors propelling growth of this market in the year to come.  

From a geographical point of view, North America is likely to dominate the global cloud computing in healthcare market owing to increasing adoption of EHRs among active participants and medical professionals. Moreover, the growing active participation by the players in the development of healthcare industry is propelling growth of this market in the coming years.