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Global Cloud and Data Center Network Technologies Market to Expand due to Reliance of Companies on IT

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Published on : Apr 19, 2018

Albany, New York, April 19, 2018: The global market for cloud and data center network technologies is surging ahead on account of the revolutionary developments in cloud computing. Businesses across the world have become reliant on sets of data to track, understand, and accentuate their growth. A number of data centers have surfaced on the global IT landscape, which has become an instrument of growth for the global market. Data centers act as a central console that integrates all the network-based devices and equipment of a company, area, or group of people. Since digitization has emerged as an indispensable part of businesses, the need to have a central unit that manages the ever-expanding network of devices is also irresistible. A number of experts believe that the reliance of businesses on data centers would only increase over the coming years, majorly due to the cost benefits offered by data center networking technologies. A market research report added by ResearchMoz deconstructs a series of trends that have taken shape in the global market for cloud and data center networking technologies. The report is titled ‘Cloud and Data Center Network Technologies: Global Market Through 2022’.

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Data center networking can be called as an advanced system of communicating, advertising, dispelling news, and managing products. This has persuaded the behemoth firms to resort to the services offered by cloud and data center networking technologies. Furthermore, hyper-scale data centers, that offer the data center infrastructure on lease, have helped the companies in eliminating or at least minimizing the costs of ownership. This has played a pivotal role in propelling demand within the global market and has given an impetus to the growth of market players. Risk management is an important aspect of a business that requires a robust set of strategies and skilled employees. Since data centers are equipped with the essentials of managing business risks, companies readily subscribe to the services offered by cloud and data center networking technologies.

Geographically, the global market for cloud and data center networking technologies was led by North America in terms of market share. The early adoption of cloud computing technologies across the region is the prime reason behind the growth of the regional market.  Furthermore, Asia Pacific is expected to offer commendable opportunities for growth over the forthcoming years due to the rapid advancements in the IT infrastructure of the region.

Some of the leading players in the global market for cloud and data center technologies are DATACORE SOFTWARE, DDN, CHECK POINT SOFTWARE, DELL INC., COMMVAULT SYSTEMS INC., ARRAY NETWORKS, BARRACUDA NETWORKS, CAVIUM, CLOUDFLARE, ARISTA NETWORKS, CISCO, BIG SWITCH NETWORKS, BMC SOFTWARE, BROCADE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS INC., CITRIX, and CORESITE. Each of these players are expected to concentrate on providing swifter and better services to the customers.

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