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In-depth Overview: China EV Battery Industry - Market Research and Investment Strategies Adopted by Key Players to Compete

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Published on : Feb 07, 2017

ALBANY, New York, Feb 07, 2017: The report studies in detail investment and market research strategy adopted by the EV battery industry players in China and how far they have benefitted from these strategies. To present a detailed assessment, the report includes a holistic overview of the China electronic vehicle (EV) battery industry, covering the growth drivers and restraints impacting its trajectory between 2016 and 2021. It also identifies opportunities for the existing players in the industry and evaluates the investment feasibility for emerging players. 

For an in-depth overview, information is sourced from the industry’s historical performance and prevailing trends, financial records of leading players have been reviewed, and the impact of regulatory policies on overall dynamics is gauged. The report is thus aimed at analyzing the current development of the China EV battery industry, calculate sales, and discover drivers and restraints to the industries. 

Currently, the increasing demand for electronic vehicle, coupled with supportive government regulations aimed at curbing pollution level, is the chief driver of the EV battery industry in China. As the country has been exhibiting robust economic growth, buyers here enjoy a high disposable income and thus exhibit willingness to spend on electric vehicles. Besides automation and the attractive features of these vehicles, buyers are also attracted to the notion of contributing almost negligibly to carbon emission thereby fulfilling their roles as responsible citizens. 

Lithium batteries, which are the most commonly used batteries in EV were born in 1970, since then it has occupied a significant share in the China EV battery market due to their long lifespan and high density of energy. Currently, two types of lithium batteries are used in electric vehicles and they are ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate. 

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China boasts an all-encompassing industrial chain of the EV battery industry from manufacturing equipment to cascade utilization. A majority of these units are concentrated in Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Central Plain region, and Beijing-Tianjin Region. According to the report, investment reviewed by the whole industry currently surpluses RMB100 bn and exhibits annual output of nearly 40 billion units. 

Spurred by the aforementioned factors and with support from favorable policies, output of EV batteries in China was forecast to surge by 42.6GWh in 2016. However, as per the report, the demand for EV batteries will reach only 30GWh during the same time. Nevertheless, the industry is expected to gain significantly from the expansion of the power automotive industry. In this report, commercial opportunities and market potential for EV battery industry in China are further disclosed. Besides this, it also includes recommendations to help the market players capitalize on the existing opportunities. 

Some of the key companies operating in the China EV battery industry are Camel Group Co., Ltd., Dynavolt Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Fengfan Co., Ltd. of CSIC, Chongqing Wanli New Energy Co., Ltd., and Narada. 

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