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Uplift of Living Standard in Developing Countries fosters Growth of Carper Stain Removers Market

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Published on : Mar 02, 2020

Expensive carpets and area rugs that adorn interiors of homes, hotels, and commercial establishments need to be maintained to keep them clean and free of stains. Commercially sold carpet cleaners and professional carpet cleaning services are common means employed to keep carpet and area rugs clean, especially of commercial establishments such as hotels and holiday homes. Rapid growth of the hospitality industry, wherein hotels and resorts are mushrooming in large numbers each day, demand for an array of cleaning products including carpet stain remover is soaring. Demand drivers and growth trends that are expected to have a sway on the carpet stain removers market are discussed at length in a newly added report of RMoz database. The report, titled “Global Carpet Stain Removers Market Insights, Forecast to 2025,” covers each and every vital aspect that could influence demand for carpet stain removers in the years ahead.

The making of the report involved an extensive research phase. Analysts reached out to professional cleaning services and commercial establishments to understand chief factors governing demand in the carpet stain removers market. In addition, analysts carried out first-hand interviews with industry leaders and opinion makers for their viewpoint how carpet stain removers market is likely to shape up in the forthcoming years. 

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Composed of 112 pages, the carpet stain removers report is presented in a chapter-wise format. The report includes an exhaustive array of graphs and pictorial representations to depict growth trends pictorially.

The report divides the carpet stain removers market on the basis of type, application, and region. The key segments of the market based on type are high foam, low foam, and others. By sales channel, the carpet stain removers market is divided into supermarkets/hypermarkets, online sales, independent retailers, convenience stores, and others. Supermarket/hypermarkets, among them account as key sales channel of carpet stain removers. Large volume sales of cleaning products, including carpet stain removers account for large share of supermarkets/hypermarkets in the overall carpet stain removers market. 

Vast Hospitality Industry fosters Demand in North America

From a geographical standpoint, North America, Europe, Central & South America, Rest of Central and South America, and Middle East & Africa are key regions into which the carpet stain removers market is divided in this report. North America and Europe, among them, hold key share in the overall carpet stain remover market. Common use of wall-to-wall carpeting in homes due to severe winter makes it necessary to undertake regular cleaning and stain removing, especially homes with small children. This upholds demand for carpet stain removers in these regions.

Hotels and commercial establishments that commonly use carpets and rugs for decoration and to keep warm also account for large demand for carpet stain removers in these regions. Owing to presence of a vast hospitality industry, the demand for carpet stain removers is likely to remain steady in these regions.

Asia Pacific and parts of Middle East & Africa account for substantial share in the overall carpet stain removers market. Growing hospitality industry in these regions along with coming up of luxury hotel chains in developing countries of Asia Pacific is indirectly aiding growth of carpet stain removers market. Rising standard of living in developing regions of the country, wherein individuals are spending liberally for decoration of their homes is another key driver of carpet stain removers in the region.

The report studies the carpet stain removers market from a competitive perspective as well. Key companies operating in the carpet stain removers market are mentioned and each of them profiled for their business attributes. Woolite, Simple Green, Kid”N”Pets, Dyson, Bissell, Resolve, Spot Shot, Scotchgard, Great Value, Carbona, and Clorox are key companies having significant presence in the carpet stain removers market.Each of the companies is profiled for their attributes of business overview, product portfolio, R&D, and SWOTs.