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Increasing Caesarean Section and Instrumental Vaginal Births to Influence Growth in Global Cardiotocography Market

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Published on : Jan 08, 2020

The importance of care during pregnancy in order to ensure that both the mother and the child are healthy has risen over the years. Couples and members of the family have wanted to provide all assistance to ensure the mother and child’s health is not compromised. As a result, the use of devices that keep track of the child’s health when it is in the womb has shot up and both doctors and the healthcare community in general have pressed to the need of them. One of the many such devices that have grown in usage is the cardiotocograph. The device has become more popular as the volume of caesarean and instrumental vaginal births have increase in the last few years, As a result, the global cardiotocography market has found importance and has been growing at a substantial pace. This is why ResearchMoz.us has recently a report on the global cardiotocography market. 

There are several factors that contribute to the trend of rise in caesarean and instrumental vaginal births. Women, over the years, have been subjected to stress and the rising pollution levels in the environment contribute to complications. Poor immunity levels and other factors an cause complications in pregnancy. This is why the volume of caesarean and instrumental vaginal births has shot up in the last few years. This trend is more prominent in the developed and developing regions. At the same time, the growing awareness among women and in people in general has created a fear for pregnancy and specifically the pain during child birth. This is also a crucial reason why women go for cesarean surgeries instead of normal deliveries. These factors have increased the volume of c-section procedures. As a result, these trends will have a strong influence on the growth of the global cardiotocography market. 

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During these procedures, doctors have to constantly monitor the heart rate and uterine contraction. And, this is where the cardiotocograph is used. This creates the importance of products in the global cardiotocography market. While on one hand the volume of caesarean procedures are shooting up, the general count of deliveries in the hospital is also steadily rising. This is more specific for countries that have rapidly developed in the last few years. For instance, India. In a country like India where predominantly a large number of child births happened at home, until few years ago, the number of hospital deliveries has shot up. This is primarily due to the growing awareness among people about healthcare and the importance of health assistance. As a result, the demand for devices that aid child birth is also steadily gaining heat. This will have a positive influence on the growth of the global cardiotocography market. 

In recent years, as the consumption of products in the global cardiotocography market grows, experts in healthcare have also studied in the negative effects of these devices. While there is no conclusive evidence about the consequences that these devices have on the child, there still looms a risk. As a result, healthcare experts state that doctors continue to remain in dilemma about explaining the possible consequences of using these devices to expecting mothers. This has become a challenge for players in the global cardiotocography market. This is why many players in the global cardiotocography market are investing on research to develop better versions of existing products that possess lower risk levels or eliminate the risk of consequences on the child. With products in the pipeline, the competition in the global cardiotocography market has become stringent and when these products hit the market, the growth in the global cardiotocography market will also have a positive impact.

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