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Published on : Mar 07, 2016

ALBANY, New York, March 7, 2016 - ResearchMoz.us has added a new market intelligence report to its vast collection of data on the healthcare industry. The report, titled “Global Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Market Report: 2016 Edition,” carries the most up-to-date information on this market. The report was created to allow users to broaden their horizons in the global cardiac rhythm management (CRM) market. For this, the report creates a holistic snapshot of the market while providing details on individual aspects.

One of the primary drivers of the global cardiac rhythm management (CRM) market is the rapid rate of development in healthcare infrastructure shown by developing economies. These emerging markets are currently providing a positive scope for investments, owing to the success of medical device companies in creating distribution networks across these regions.

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The global cardiac rhythm management (CRM) market is, however, restrained by the increasing cost of living, which, when combined with the poor availability of feasible reimbursement schemes, makes CRM procedures unaffordable for many. This has already created a high amount of pressure on new entrants in the global cardiac rhythm management (CRM) market regarding pricing. A large number of consumers still find current devices unaffordable due to the lack of financial support to avail them. The future of the global cardiac rhythm management (CRM) market in these regions therefore lies in the lowering of costs of products. As such, many companies are creating the availability of low-cost devices on a value-tier platform.

Therefore, with an increase in the adoption of CRM by physicians across developing economies, the global cardiac rhythm management (CRM) market can expect a higher growth rate.

Major reasons for the growth of the global CRM market are the same ones that cause, or increase the probability of developing, heart diseases. Therefore, major drivers of the global CRM market are the increasing consumption of alcohol and tobacco, along with the increasing levels of stress and the development of a sedentary lifestyle across the world. Other drivers include the increasing population, the growing spending power of individuals on healthcare, and the increase in use of devices such as the RF ablation catheter.

Key trends in the global CRM market currently, as stated in the report, are the introduction of quadripolar lead devices, a growing use of subcutaneous internal cardioverter defibrillators, the overall growing trend of employing ICDs in heart disease treatments, the increase in demand for leadless pacemakers, and the launch of new products.

The report creates a detailed picture of the competitive landscape of the global CRM market. With key players such as St. Jude Medical, Medtronic, Inc., and Boston Scientific, the report creates a large database of major companies at the user’s disposal. This key player description also includes overviews of their businesses, financial structure, and business strategies that have been carried out so far.

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