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Published on : Mar 02, 2020

ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Global Calcite Market Insights, Forecast to 2025”. The report on the global calcite market offers insights into the size of the market, shares contributed by key application segments, and key trends in adoption. The analyses assess the competitive landscape of the market, which includes strategies adopted by top players, the factors that will affect the nature of competition, and measures adopted by them to tap emerging markets. The study tracks new avenues for capitalization for end-use industries such as construction, chemical, beverages, agriculture, and pharmaceutical in various key regions, including in the U.S., Europe, China, and Japan. 

The global calcite market has prospered from the sizable demands as raw materials in the cement, construction, and agriculture industry. Further, the pharmaceutical industry has also witnessed a surge in demand for calcite. These demands are growing on the back of the growing uptake of adhesive, sealants, polymers, and plastics in commercial and industrial markets around the world. Rapid pace of urbanization and industrialization in various parts of the world has spurred the demand. A sustained fillip to the demand in the calcite market has come from the paints and coatings industry. 

A large number of domestic players in key markets for calcite have relentlessly focused on gaining a foothold, thus providing a stiff competition to top players. To counter this, leading players have resorted to strategic collaborations and acquisitions. Additionally, they have been focusing on accelerating product innovations to gain a significant edge over their peers as well as competitors. A case in point is growing number of on-site production facilities to cater to the demands of paper manufacturing industry. More importantly, the paper industry is one of those witnessing extensive demand for calcite. Both Precipitated Calcium Carbonate and Ground Calcium Carbonate types are extensively utilized in the industry. This is attributed to the need for chemicals that could make paper glossier and smoothen it for printing purpose. 

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Rise in demand for calcite in making a wide range of adhesives and sealants is boosting the calcite market. Further, it is increasingly being utilized in the boring application in the oil and gas industry. Over the past few years, the market has gained momentum from the demand for calcite in making agriculture lime and animal feed. In future, the revenues will grow substantially due to the growing application in skincare and cosmetics products. 

In recent years, fine-sized calcite powder has gathered big traction due to the attractive characteristics the fine form possesses. A large part of the demand has come from the plastic and polymer industries. Moreover, advances in manufacturing technologies have enabled producers to unveil nano-sized calcite. This has also expanded the revenue generating potential in the calcite market. Strides made in paints and coatings manufacturing have further cemented the consumption volumes. This to a great deal was due to the noticeable strides that the automotive industry has had made in various developing regions. Further, growing diverse use of calcite is one of the key aspects of the growth dynamics of the market.

Top players are constantly working to develop new product lines and unveil innovative offering to end-use industries. These strategies are helping them retain their stronghold in the calcite market. 

Some of the prominent players in the calcite market are Excaliber Minerals, Ashirwad minerals & marbles, Wolkem, Krishna Minerals, Sudarshan Group, Ajanta Industries, and Northern Minerals Co. LLC.