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Bulk Ferroalloys Market Promises Robust Growth, thanks to Rising Demand for Steel

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Published on : Jan 17, 2020

Researchmoz has added a report, titled “Global Bulk ferroalloys   Market Insights, Forecast to 2026.” The global bulk ferroalloys   market is expected to create several new opportunities for new players as technologies like Big Data, rising innovation in genetics, and Artificial Intelligence continue to provide new avenues for growth. The market thoroughly discusses the upcoming robust growth prospects and prominent strategies implicated by several key players operating in the global bulk ferroalloys   market. These drivers are key to understanding several new opportunities and challenges that await the current and new players in the bulk ferroalloys market. The report is available on the website ResearchMoz.us as well.

Rising Demand for Steel Emerges as Key Driver

The demand for steel increased considerably in 2017. This was a major upturn, thanks to increasing government stimulus in United States, rising demand in construction sector, and support by changes in regulatory environment. Additionally, steel is witnessing a booming demand in Asia Pacific, wherein the construction sector is witnessing a major expansion, thanks to growing investment in public infrastructure by India and China. The rising demand for steel is a major driver for growth in the bulk ferroalloys market and it will create considerable opportunities for current players in the bulk ferroalloys market.

Growing Production to Bring Down Prices Considerably 

Currently, there are various ferroalloys in the global market. These include silicon, manganese, aluminium, and a few others. Among these, silicon is expected to witness highest demand, thanks to its robust use in batteries for wearable’s, and smartphones. The metal is widely used in lithium ion batteries, and due to growth of other supporting technologies like IoT, technology up gradation on the horizon like 5G, it is expected to witness robust demand in the near future. Moreover, its growing production in China, India, South Africa, Russia, and Kazakhstan is expected to lower prices in the near future. These countries produce close to 84% of the world’s demand for ferroalloys. Moreover, thanks to their large capacity, the total production for ferroalloys in 2015 stood at over 50 million tonnes. 

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Asia Pacific to Remain Key Region

Rising disposable income, and growth of manufacturing, construction, and increased investment in infrastructure in Asia Pacific will drive major growth for the ferroalloys market in Asia Pacific. The demand for ferrotungsten in the region will prove promising as it can fetch a price as high as $40-50 kilogram which is a high-return proposition in the bulk ferroalloys market. The production is largely dominated by China, which produces nearly 5-10,000 tons of the alloy. 

Demand for Ferrovanadium worth Watching Out for

Russia, and China have focussed heavily on production of ferrovanadium in recent past. The metal was primarily recovered from titanium-bearing magnetite, to produce pig iron. This is widely used in manufacturing and continues to form a major chunk of scrap iron. It can further be processed into vanadium, most of which goes into steel manufacturing. The growing demand for steel, and production of ferrovanadium will likely drive growth for the bulk ferroalloys market in the near future. The growing demand for these in electric furnaces, and smaller quantities of production of ferroalloys remain important dynamic shifts in production. Moreover, steel and iron foundries also remain key high-end applications for products in the ferroalloys market.