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Rising Need for Leisure Activities to Drive the Global Bowling Game Machines Market

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Published on : Feb 09, 2021

Bowling has emerged as a widely played indoor game and it has gained substantial traction as an activity to unwind, particularly amongst the younger generation. This factor is predicted to support growth of the global bowling game machines market in the forthcoming years. The increased popularity of bowling as a sport lies in its ability to help build a team and it also instigates family members to pay a visit to the bowling alleys and play together. It helps family members to spend quality time each other, which is more of a luxury now. This factor is further predicted to drive the demand for bowling game machines over the tenure of assessment.

In the years to come, bowling is expected to experience increased traction due to its growing prominence as a stress relieving activity. The expanding population of the millennials has come up as a key factor that is fuelling the growth of the bowling industry. The younger generation is more conscious about their health and more involved with activities that help them stay fit.

As this generation always look for trendy indoor activities for leisure and fun. The bowling industry is likely to proliferate more riding on the back of their popularity amongst the millennials, which is likely to support growth of the global bowling game machines market. In addition, bowling game machines are likely to witness rise in demand due to increased utilization of the game for fun and relaxation in shopping malls and other such commercial places.

The global bowling game machines market is considered to be fairly fragmented with the presence of many market players. Each of the market players are striving hard for greater presence and wider reach in the market. Backbone Entertainment, FarSight Studios, Atari, Inc., Brunswick Corporation, Taito Corporation, and Namco Ltd. are some of the prominent players in the global bowling game machines market.
Asia Pacific to Offer Promising Growth Opportunities to the Manufacturers
The global bowling game machines market has been segmented broadly into the five key regional zones of North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. The need for region-based segmentation lies in the rising demand for an in-depth assessment of the regional markets over the years of projection.

There lies an extremely promising marker with a huge base of young working and non-working population in the Asia Pacific region. Bowling has recently gained popularity in the region, which offers ample scope of development and expansion in the region.

The bowling game machines market is also likely to gather pace in Europe and North America mostly due to presence of numerous bowling alleys in the region. With the activity already being a popular one, the demand for the bowling game machines is likely to witness a steady rise over the years of projection.
Integration of Advanced Technologies to Attract Wider Base of Users
The growth of the global bowling game machines market is anticipated to ride high on the back of success of innovative machines. Increasing integration of innovative features and cutting-edge technologies into bowling equipments is likely to attract wider base of users. In addition to that, excellent marketing technologies together with the availability of reactive bowling balls are predicted to work in favor of the development of the global bowling game machines market in the forthcoming years. 

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The manufacturers of bowling machines have shifted their focus toward reactive balls that are coated with grippy resin instead of regular bowling balls. Normal bowling balls are coated covered with dense plastic or polyurethane. Reactive balls better the traction of these balls on the bowling lane and provide the blwoer with more control over speed and angle of the throw. This factor is estimated to bring positive change in the global bowling game machines market in the years to come.