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Boil-in-Bag Market Ride High on Time Constraints and Changing Food Habits of People

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Published on : Dec 17, 2019

The global boil-in-bag market is expected to rise at a robust growth rate over the assessment tenure. Boil-in-bag refers to a modern day packaging solution that is utilized for storage of food items and the stored item is directly heated or cooked in hot water. The trends in the pattern of packaging technologies and food consumption are evolving at a rapid pace. However, environmental concerns and sustainability exert substantial influence on the trends of consumer demand and product advancements. 

Some of the prominent names in the global boil-in-bag market are Shenzhen Ken Hung Hing Plastic Products Co., Ltd., Mars Incorporated, ProAmpac LLC, M & Q Packaging, Granitol A.S., and Shenzhen Dingqi Pack Co. Limited.

Based on product, end user, and region the global boil-in-bag market has been split to offer a detailed view of the market.

Rise in the Demand for Frozen Food Products Spearhead Growth of the Market

Exponential growth in the frozen food products sector is projected to emerge as a major factor that would be boosting the global boil-in-bag market in times to come. Substantial change in the lifestyle and eating patterns of people, particularly in the urban set up is expected to spearhead the growth of the global boil-in-bag market over the assessment tenure.

These days, the schedules are demanding with people having less time for a five course or a proper meal. With one’s entry and promotion in the corporate sector, food habits change with time and schedule. The preference for packaged and ready to eat food items has grown. At this juncture of time, boil-in-bag comes to rescue the consumers. Food content inside this type of packaging is easy to make and saves time thereby driving the global boil-in-bag market. 

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Another major factor that is expected to drive the market growth is growing awareness about nutritious and hygienic food. Practices of good food hygiene have an important role to play as unhygienic handling of food content could lead to various types of food-borne diseases like Salmonellosis, Escherichia coli infection, Giardiasis. As such, advent of boil-in-bags has come up as a practice of safe food handling. Raw food inside boil-in-bags can be roasted or cooked directly in an oven and it does away with the need for human contact. The lesser the human contact, the lesser are the chances of food contamination. Besides, these bags also remove the need for washing the raw food, which saves time. As such, the global boil-in-bag market gathers momentum from the time saving and hygiene factors of these bags.

On the other hand, increased awareness about the need for environment friendly packaging solutions are creating obstructions for the growth of the market as polyethylene and plastic boil-in-bags are non- biodegradable.

Rising Number of Single Person Households to Lead Market Growth in North America

The global boil-in-bag market is split into the major regions of Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, and Europe. Geographical segmentations of the market are anticipated to provide a clear and deep insight into the market dynamics that are at play in each of these regions.

North America is expected to emerge as leading region for the global boil-in bags market over the forecast tenure. In addition, there has been a significant rise in the number of households comprising one single person, which substantially contributes toward the rise in the demand for frozen and ready to eat food products. In addition, innovation in the regional packaging industry is furthering boosting growth of the market in North America in times to come. 

Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as another important region for the market. Increasing participation of women in the workforce coupled with rising disposable income of the people in the region is expected to propel growth of the Asia Pacific boil-in bags market in near future.