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Global Body Protection Equipment Market Benefits as Companies Look to Avoid Penalties Related to Worker Safety and Health

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Published on : Jan 03, 2018

ALBANY, New York, Jan 03, 2018: The global body protection equipment market has been prophesied to gain demand on account of the safety of workers considered as the first priority in most companies. ResearchMoz.us has announced the inclusion of a report, titled “Body Protection Equipment Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 - 2022,” where crucial growth factors and other aspects have been discussed. As per the report, tight government regulations could also play a part in augmenting the demand for body protection equipment. A large focus has been dedicated toward the manufacture of chemical and fire-resistant clothing.

With the rising need for the specific usage of body protection equipment, the demand for customized products has been projected to increase in the coming years. The development of advanced and new products could see a rise because of factors such as innovations on the part of sophisticated products and the materials used. The analysts authoring the report have classified the world body protection equipment market according to type of product and application. By product type, the market could be cataloged into several segments such as aprons, vests and jackets, surgical gowns, full body suits, coveralls, and laboratory coats. By application, mining, foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, transportation, oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing could be among the common segments.

Gas and electric operations requiring protection against flash fire at workplaces could increase the demand for body protection equipment. A high level of protection and safety has been expected to be significantly demanded as manufacturers consider the integration of sensors in their products and the use of lightweight and new materials. The development of body protection equipment has changed in the recent years due to technological advancements. End users have been demanding products that could last even after longer usages and when engaged by multiple users.

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Amongst the common products manufactured in the international body protection equipment market, laboratory coats have been foreseen to account for a colossal share in the coming years. This could be due to the rising risk of working with harmful chemicals. Manufacturing and construction have been foretold to be among the top applications of body protection equipment, which could gain a strong traction in the near future. Amongst various regions deemed important for the growth of the market, North America has been anticipated to secure a king’s share on the back of increasing concerns over fatalities observed in workplaces and related risks.

North America could witness the rise of robust innovation owing to the presence of several tech companies operating in the region. Moreover, the market growth in North America has been envisaged to be stimulated due to factors such as product differentiation and competitive pricing. Medical personnel in the region demand new body protection equipment with improved features and characteristics looking at the threatening prevalence of different diseases. Other regions such as Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) and Europe have been prognosticated to gain growth while riding on the rising count of new projects in the construction and oil and gas industries and more factors including aggressive industrialization.

The expensive cost of raw materials, however, could dampen the demand in the worldwide body protection equipment market. Nevertheless, there could be market opportunities taking birth with the manufacture of smart body protection equipment as players focus on catering to the changing needs of consumers. Honeywell International Inc., E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co, and 3M Company are some of the players profiled in the report.

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