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Global Biopower Market Driven by Rising Acknowledgment of Adverse Environmental Effects of Conventional Fuels

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Published on : Oct 26, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Oct 26, 2016: The report examines the global biopower market and presents detailed information regarding the market’s condition in leading regional markets. The report covers each key regional segment of the global biopower market comprehensively and thus provides a complete overview of the biopower market’s expected growth trajectory till 2025. The report is titled ‘Biopower Market - Global Market Size, Average Price, Major Feedstock, Regulations, and Key Country Analysis to 2025’ and is available for sale on the official website of ResearchMoz.us. 

Biopower has become a key part of the global energy scenario due to the mounting scarcity of conventional fuels and the environmental damage caused by them. As biopower is derived from organic matter, its combustion generates carbon dioxide, but in controllable amounts. Crucially, burning biogas doesn’t release sulfur or nitrogen compounds, which are the prime contributors to air pollution and carry significant health risks to both humans and other wildlife, or methane, which is much more effective at causing the greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide. As a result, biopower is likely to remain a key part of the global renewable energy market in the coming years.

By feedstock, the report segments the global biopower market into bioenergy crops, forest products, animal manure, and agricultural residues. Bioenergy crops are a leading source of biopower, which has sparked a “food vs. fuel” debate in some regions, since food crops such as corn are used to produce biopower. Though this could restrain production, bioenergy crops are likely to remain a dominant segment of the global biopower market in the coming years.

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By conversion process, the report studies the contribution of direct combustion, biochemical processes, and thermochemical processes. Detailed information is given regarding the importance of each to the overall biopower market and their expected trajectory in the coming years.

The report provides detailed data about the installed capacity and production figures exhibited by the global biopower market since 2006. Based on a solid analysis of this information, reliable forecasts till 2025 are provided for each key segment. The year-by-year growth in installed capacity and production is also studied in the report to shed light on the dynamics of the biopower industry.

The investment scenario of the global biopower industry is also examined carefully in the report. Detailed data is provided about important biopower plants that are currently operational as well as in the planning stages. 

Geographically, the report covers the condition of the global biopower market in the U.S., Brazil, India, China, Japan, Thailand, the U.K., Germany, Italy, and France. The feedstock potential, installed capacity, production, and the investment scenario of each regional biopower market are studied in the report. The relationship between the biopower industry and the macroeconomic condition of each regional market is studied in the report. Relevant policies adopted by specific countries are also elaborated upon in the report.

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