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Increased Demand for Eco-Friendly Plastic to Bolster Growth in Global Biodegradable Sacks Market

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Published on : Mar 29, 2019

ALBANY, New York, Mar 29, 2019 - The wide flexibility of the utilization of plastics in sacks and their insufficient disposal have added to the inconceivably rising contamination issue of conventional, oil based plastics all over the globe. Produced using several natural plant materials, for example, polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), polylactic acids (PLAs), and corn, biodegradable sacks additionally contain added substances to enhance degradation and thus present lesser effect on the environment when all is said in done and marine life specifically.

Sacks Are Preferred More Than Conventional Ones

These sacks are being favored over customary plastic items, strikingly for the packaging of food and quick moving customer products. Moreover, the utilization of biodegradable plastics is observed to guarantee in tending to the issue of plastics contamination in various developing and developed nations, which is required to catalyze the development of the market. The significant demand for ecofriendly and reusable plastic sacks in the retail business is an unmistakable factor reinforcing the popularity of these sacks. The declining cost of key crude materials utilized in making biodegradable plastics in a few nations is probably going to look good for the market. 

PHA Material Segment Leads Global Market

The different kinds of materials utilized in making biodegradable plastic sacks are PHA, PLA, and starch mixes. Of these, the segment of PHA material leads the market. The overwhelming adoption of polyhydroxyalkanoates is ascribed to their better degradability and the likelihood of a wide variety of their applications in making biodegradable plastic packs Moreover, mixing them with polymers has ended up being savvy for producers, which is probably going to augment their growth. 

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Europe to Lead Demand Due to High Usage of Recyclable Plastic

The major geographical regions for biodegradable plastic sacks are the Middle East and Africa (MEA), North America, Latin America, Japan, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Of these, Europe stands out as of now and is probably going to hold its predominance in the coming a years. The unmistakable quality of this market is credited to the surged demand for environment friendly and recyclable plastic packaging for modern applications. Likewise, the increasing familiarity with the contamination issue related with the utilization of sacks produced using conventional plastics is a striking factor propelling the Europe market. 

Various key players and new entrants are concentrating around propelling high-end products and depending on mergers and acquisitions, so as to pick up a superior strong footing in the global biodegradable plastic sacks market. Major players operating in the market are Shabra Group, Novolex, Xtex Polythene Ltd., Ampac Holdings LLC, International Plastics Inc., Bulldog Bag Ltd., Sahachit Watana Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd., Abbey Polyethene, Sarah Bio Plast, EXTRAPACK Ltd., Symphony Polymers Pvt Ltd., JUNER Plastic packaging Co., Dagoplast AS, and Wells Plastics Ltd.