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Published on : Jan 10, 2018

ALBANY, New York, Jan 10, 2018: ResearchMoz.us has added a market study, titled, “Global Bio CMO Market: Size, Trends & Forecasts (2018-2022),” to its database. The report studies the market carefully and forecasts it at the local and global level. It throws light on the various headwinds and tailwinds molding the trajectory of the market. Banking upon historical and current data, it estimates the current and future size and the competitive dynamics of the market.

The report on bio CMO market starts with a succinct overview of pharmaceutical industry. It states that pharmaceutical drugs are broadly comprised of small molecule or conventional drugs and large molecule or biologic drugs. Of the two, the biologics are manufactured through biological processes and are mainly injected. The biologics are comprised of blood or blood components, somatic cells, vaccines, gene therapy, etc. They can be classified into first or second generation, depending upon the period of development and cell line. They are usually similar, but not an exact duplicate of the original product.

A noticeable trend in the pharmaceutical industry is the practice among companies to outsource Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) to third parties for producing product components or the entire product. Bio CMOs primarily offer secondary manufacturing coverage for the branded pharmaceutical industry. Before progressing further on the bio CMO market, the report provides an extensive comparative study of in-house versus CMO.

Over the course of next few years, the global market for bio CMO is predicted to rise at a substantial pace because of the pharmaceutical industry trying its best to meet the surging demand for biologics on account of increasing chronic and other ailments in people and also because of increased health awareness among them. This has led to capacity constraints in the biomanufacturing industry. Most manufacturers face at least one minor constraint at some point in manufacturing. 

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Apart from that potential biologics blockbusters, rising use of biosimilars, emergence of targeted therapins, solid outsourcing demand from global pharmas, etc. are also serving to drive the market. 

However, risks pertaining to CMOs particularly in terms of quality, capacity expansion in in-house manufacturing facilities of well-entrenched pharma companies, and issues in productivity with mammalian cell system, etc. are some of the tailwinds the market for bio CMO needs to brave in order tread on a sustained growth path.

The good news is, with more products moving into late-phase clinical trials the market for bio CMO will likely see healthy growth in the next couple of years. Besides, greater reliance on CMOs by big pharma and biotech companies and the bettering financial environment in the U.S. is likely to prove further beneficial for the market. 

Depending upon the type of production technology, the market for bio CMOs can be split into microbial system and mammalian cell system. In Europe, North America, and Japan, the bio CMO market has seen a steady growth and account for a significant proportion of the biopharmaceutical industry’s cost of goods for drug product. The overall market so far has been characterized by inorganic growth.

The report studies the market for bio CMO market from various angles. It focuses on the penetration rate, the overall value of the market, its capacity, segments, and also the various manufacturing processes.

In order to examine the competitive landscape, the report profiles prominent players in the market such as Lonza Group, Samsung Biologics, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Wuxi Biologics.

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