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Published on : Dec 28, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Dec 28, 2016: The research report is titled “ Telecom Industry: Big Data Analytics Adoption / Usage Trends 2016-2018.” The research study is a compilation of various factors impacting this industry in a significant way. This includes growth drivers, factors hampering the growth of the market, and their impacts in the coming years. The future growth prospects of the market have been discussed along with trends in the industry that are likely to shape the telecom market. The experts in the field have done a thorough research of the usage of big data analytics in the past and present, thus determining the future usage of big data analytics in the telecom industry. The report is a comprehensive analysis of the degree of competition, bargaining power of suppliers and buyers, and threat of substitutes and threat of new entrants. 

The report investigates the overall expenditure on Big Data Analytics and market opportunities that are expected to influence communication service providers to invest and maximize prospects as well as maintain a good vendor relationship within the organization. In addition to this, the report offers fruitful information regarding the pattern of spending for Big Data Analytics budget in the telecom industry. 

The telecom industry has huge amount of structured and unstructured data, which require an analysis so as to get deeper insights into customer behavior, interests, service usage pattern, thus creating a need for Big Data analytics.

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As the business of telecommunication providers depend on extracting useful information regarding customers, it is expected that in the years to come, the telecom industry will make significant investments in the big data analytics programs. The ability of this software to offer industry leaders, an insight into how their services are being used, how many audio/video are being accessed on a daily basis by a customer, on an average, and much more. Such information enables telecom industries to determine how its satellites or optical fiber transmission can be leveraged to enhance the delivery of contents.

By implementing big data analytics, telecom industries have realized significant reduction in the loss of data packets, occurring during network overload. The real time stamping creates precise measurements of jitter and delay in mobile networks, thus improving customer experience. By strategically considering real time big data analytics, telecom network providers are gaining a better source of information for planning decisions and opening up new opportunities for innovative services. 

The report profiles key vendors operating in the telecom industry, making use of big data. The business and financial overview of each of the vendors as well as their recent developments have been given in the report. 

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