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Environment and Sustainability Concerns to Foster the Growth of Global Ballast Water Treatment Market

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Published on : Feb 01, 2021

Ballast water treatment market growth graph is rising consistently over the years. Ballast water is sea water that various store in their ballast tanks for enhancing balance and stability. Ballast water is a significant part for providing stability during loading and unloading operations. Ballast water treatment plants treat the ballast water used during ballasting operations. The ballast water treatment system is responsible for destroying and removing algae, bacteria and other harmful components from the water. After this, the ballast water is released from the ship either at the port or in the middle of the sea. 
There are many factors that are responsible for influencing the growth rate of the ballast water treatment market, rising healthcare concerns in the shipping sector is one of the important factors contributing to the growth of the ballast water treatment market. The technologies used in the ballast water treatment plant can be classified into chemical treatment, mechanical systems, and physical disinfection. 

This report on the ballast water treatment market highlights significant components like regional assessment, competitive landscape, and key trends. The report gives a clear and deep understanding of the ballast water treatment market. 

Growing environmental concerns and the dangers associated with ballast water may further accelerate the ballast water treatment market. For the sake of environment, numerous governments across the globe have introduced novel and unique initiatives regarding ballast water. This has further boosted the ballast water treatment market. Mandatory regulations have also catalyzed the growth rate and will continue to do so. For instance, International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments has made it compulsory for all the ships to set a ballast water treatment unit. This step has been taken to maintain the ecological balance of the marine ecosystem. 

Technological innovations are also attracting numerous consumers. Manufacturers are striving hard to come up with technologically advanced ballast water treatment systems that provide great output. Also, many manufacturers are coming up with high-flow capacity systems. The launch of Alfa Laval PureBallast 3.1 is a classic example. It has a ballasting and de-ballasting capacity of 6000 m3/h. This high-flow capacity is because of a phenomenal single filter solution.

Manufacturers also enter in partnerships for providing efficient services to the shipowners. This also enables the manufacturers to ease the competition and fulfill the diverse needs of consumers. This can be seen from the recent signing of a cooperation agreement between Qingdao SunRui Marine Environment Engineering Company and Optimarin. Some major players in the ballast water treatment are Qingdao Headway Technology Co., Alfa Laval AB, Xylem Inc., Evoqua Water Technologies LLC, and Veolia Environnement S.A.

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The two types of vessels classified on the basis of ballast dependency are high ballast dependent vessels and low dependent ballast vessels. Bulkers and tankers are included in the high ballast dependent vessels. Container ships, cruise ships, cargos, and other vessels come under the low ballast dependent vessels category. High ballast dependent vessels have great growth potential. These vessels may prove to be a significant factor in the growth of the ballast water treatment market. 

Ballast water treatment market in spread over Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific regions. Asia Pacific may maintain its dominance over the ballast water treatment market during the forecast period. This is because of large trade exchange through marine transport. Middle East and Africa may also observe steady growth as they have massive oil exporters in the region. Furthermore, the introduction of Alternate Management System by the U.S. Coast Guards may also boost the sales of ballast water treatment systems to a great extent.