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Increasing demand of redesigned valve is driving global automotive valve retainer market

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Published on : Apr 09, 2020

ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Global Automotive Valve Retainer Market Insights, Forecast to 2025”. The report has covered different aspects of global automotive valve retainer market. Some of the key aspects of the market include- distribution of consumers on the basis of regions, trends in demand, producing companies, materials in use, latest innovations and competitive landscapes. The report also provides insights of growth rate, market share and factors contributing in the growth of global automotive valve retainer market.

Historical breakdown of the year 2014-2019 has been used to analyze the growth of the market in the years between 2019 and 2025.

The report is segregated in the form of different chapters. Each chapter illustrates different factors contributing the growth of global automotive valve retainer market. Also, the figures are demonstrated in form of graphics, which makes the report easy to understand.

Automotive valve retainer is also referred to as seat retainer. It is widely used on ball valves, eccentric plug valves, butterfly valves and all of the rotary quarter turn design. The valve retainer is used to hold the seat in the desired position. It helps in the formation of one piece body valve assembly or, also referred to as unibody design. In case of butterfly valves, it is held with special screws. The use of automotive valve retainer is bound to expand with the growth of automobile industry.

The automobile industry is predicted to expand in the forecast period i.e. 2019-2025. And there is nothing which will replace the requirement of the seat retainer. This can be taken as the assurance of growth of global automotive valve retainer market. However, it is the lifetime of the valve retainer, which would decide the growth of certain brands in the automotive valve retainer market. The lifetime of the valve retainer directly depends on the material used. Weight and cost are another categories to keep in mind while selecting the retainers.

Steel valve is cheap and widely used in the market. The durability is also good, however, it increases the overall weight. People who are looking for vehicles with minimal weight have an option of valve retainer built of titanium. The titanium valve retainer are light-weight and has improved lubricity.  This in turn will reduce the risk of stem galling and wear. The titanium valve is extremely durable though considerable expensive, when compared to the steel valve.

Lately, global automotive valve retainer market has seen a new trend of redesigning steel valves. This is a low cost alternative to titanium. The aim behind this redesigning is to provide efficiency along with the cost.

To keep the pace, the key players of global automotive valve retainer market has been trying to understand the demand of the audience and coming up with new innovations. Some of the key players of the global automotive valve retainer market are FUJI OOZX (Japan), Nedschroef (Netherlands), Riken (Japan), Charter Automotive (Japan), Performance Spring (Australia) and Nittan Valve (Japan)

Further, the global automotive valve retainer market has been distributed on the basis of material, application, and region. The global automotive valve retainer market has been classified on the basis of material into aluminum, steel, automotive steel, titanium, and others. Material used is one of the deciding factors in terms of durability as well as functioning.

On the basis of application, the automotive valve retainer market is divided into commercial vehicles and passenger cars.Valve has application in almost all the automobile, however in different forms.

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The production of valve retainer is subject to availability of raw materials. It is mainly produced in-
•    India
•    China
•    United States
•    South Korea
•    Japan
•    Europe
•    Other regions

The key regions into which the automotive valve retainer market is classified are North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.