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Impetus on Safety and Security to Fuel Growth in Automated Security E-gate Market

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Published on : Jan 22, 2020

Security and safety has remained a problem for several years. While in the past efforts have been made to maintain security, but, the efficiency of systems have remained poor. However, in the last few years, when technological advancements have been their best thus far, the development of security systems has been noteworthy. As the popularity for security systems grew, the demand for products in markets related to safety and security started shooting up. Here is a market that has witnessed strong growth in the past few years. The global automated security e-gate market I s growing as the impetus of safety and security grows among people. As a result, ResearchMoz.us has recently published a report on the global automated security e-gate market that sheds light on the factors that will matter for growth in the next few years. Not only that, the report also details the current and upcoming opportunities that companies in the global automated security e-gate market could cash-in for growth. Also, there will be prudent information on the possible challenges that could obstruct growth and the solutions to overcome them. 

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One of the most important trends that aid growth in the global automated security e-gate market is the growing travel and tourism industry. The footfall at airports, train stations and bus stations has risen alarmingly, allowing several business related to the travel sector prosper. While that is a trend to rely on, it also opens up challenges of maintaining security and safety. A terror incident at airports or train stations with hundreds and thousands of people could be disastrous for a country. Hence, in almost all countries, measures to ramp up security have been installed. One of them is installing products from the global automated security e-gate market. This prevents passengers without authentic travel documents from entering the boarding gates. A passenger has to scan his/her travel document to enter the boarding gate. Hence, the demand for products in the global automated security e-gate market is expected to grow at a strong rate in the coming years. 

Another trend that influences growth in the global automated security e-gate market is the corporate sector. Most employers today are concerned about security and safety of their employees and the premise. Allowing people without identity document is banned in many organizations. In fact, technological advancements have created more secure systems for security where they do not rely on identity documents as they can be forged. Hence, systems that allow entry based on biometrics have become popular as they only use fingerprint or iris scanners to allow entry for employees. Hence, these advancements have increased the popularity of products in the global automated security e-gate market due to their better efficiency and quality. 

Besides travel and tourism and corporates, secret agencies and defense organizations also require these systems. Secret agencies have enormous confidential data with them and hence cannot afford any loss of them. Theft of data or sensitive components from their agencies or research laboratories can result in havoc across the country. Hence, they need more sophisticated security systems in place to prevent threat. This gives opportunities for players in the global automated security e-gate market to develop better products and meet the requirements. Research laboratories and healthcare organizations also need security systems to provide access to authorized personnel only to sensitive sections of the organization. Hence, the demand from hospitals and healthcare agencies for products from the global automated security e-gate market will also be higher in the years to come. Some of the major companies operating in the global automated security e-gate market are Gemalto, ARJO Systems,OT-Morpho, SITA, NEC, Josanti Infoimaging, Rapiscan Systems, and VISION-BOX