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Published on : Jan 05, 2018

ALBANY, New York, Jan 05, 2018: Global Athletic Apparel & Footwear Wholesale Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021) is the latest report added in the vast research report database of ResearchMoz.us. The research report talks about the global landscape of the athletic apparel & footwear wholesale market for the given forecast period of 2017 to 2021. The research report covers the global athletic apparel & footwear market in terms of the latest trends that are prevailing in the market, driving and impeding factors of the market, and the opportunities that may arise in the global market during the course of the forecast period of 2017 to 2021. The research report also offers an in-depth analysis of the present market dynamics and sheds light on the competitive landscape of the global athletic apparel & footwear market. The study report is the compilation of the information collected through extensive assessment of the market and the data gathered from the professionals in the industry. The research report also offers vital information on the key market players that are currently plying their trade in the global athletic apparel & footwear market. The report also maps the overall growth prospects of the global market for athletic apparel & footwear over the course of the given forecast period 2017 to 2021.

Athletic wear also known as activewear is a type of clothing that also includes footwear. It is chiefly worn during a physical activity or playing a sport. Sport-specific apparel are worn for comfort, practical, or safety reasons. Bottoms, tops, shoes, and more are manufactured to optimize the performance as well as the comfort of the wearers during the time of workout. 

In majority of cases, athletic wear is created to allow the wearer comfort and minimum inhibition in terms of their overall movement. The shape of an athletic or activewear piece is generally dictated by the type of actions or movements required by the exercise for which the clothing is intended. The design is also influenced by the temperature conditions in which they are supposed to be worn. Mostly, these activewear are made from fabrics that optimizes the comfort of the wearer. 

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Athletic wear can be categorized into a two large segments. One is the athletic clothing that is created to be worn while exercise or work out. There are diverse sorts of athletic apparels for various exercises including running, exercises in water, group activities, rec center exercise and others. Other classification is of athletic shoes that are made for individuals who participate in sports and other physical exercises. The advancement of athletic footwear depends on two interrelated standards: prevention of injuries and enhancing the performance. Most competitors are keen on and will profit by shoes that help in avoiding injuries.

The global athletic apparel and footwear wholesale market is set to witness favorable development driven by factors such as growing upper middle class populace, development in e-commerce business, expanding youth population, growing games market, improving economical conditions, gowing participation in games and wellness activities. The big trends saw in this market incorporate item customization, advancements in terms of technology, increasing preference towards having a healthy lifestyle and increasing use of products that environment friendly. All these factors are expected to drive the overall growth of the global market for athletic apparel and footwear wholesale over the coming years of the forecast period. 

However, there are some factors  that might negatively affect the development of this market. One of the key restraining factor is projected to be increasing rivalry in the market and seasonality of the market. In addition to this, constantly changing preference of consumers is also expected create some problems for the growth of the market. 

Some of the key companies in the global market include names such as Nike Inc., Under Armour Inc., and Adidas AG among others.

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